Building Great K-12 Schools in Economically Challenging Times
In these tough times making good school design decisions has never been more difficult or more important. To find out how some of the nation’s top architects and administrators are coping with these challenges attend Architectural Record’s Schools of the 21st Century Symposium. It will be held Friday, April 9th, at the Hyatt McCormick Place in Chicago, the day before the NSBA Conference. The event is free of charge and is being presented with the support of McGraw-Hill Education and the American Architectural Foundation.

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SmartMarket Report: Building Green Schools
This report, produced by McGraw-Hill Construction with support from the U.S. Green Building Council and the Council of Educational Facility Planners, offers an essential overview of key market trends; an analysis of market demand; strategies for driving decision makers to embrace green schools; and case studies of successful green schools. Find out more.

The Schools of the 21st Century Web site was created for those who believe that the quality of our school buildings is directly related to the quality of education we give the students who occupy them. We hope the information we’ve provided on school-design trends and technologies will help empower architects, facility managers, school administrators, parents, and students to use their influence to help make better school design decisions.

“A” is for Architecture
There are plenty of reasons to believe the next generation of schools will be the best ever designed. Read on.

Little Green Schoolhouses
The massive schools construction program currently underway provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create buildings that will influence the lives of students for decades to come. Read on.

Education, Unplugged
In some cases, the difficulties of hardwiring old schools can be eased by portable devices and digitally based curricula. Read on.

National School Design Institute
Teams of architects and school district representatives gathered to take on tough school design problems. Read on.

Case Studies
A look at six great U.S. Schools. Read on.

Pictured: Denver School of Science & Technology ( in case studies); Photo © James H. Berchert


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