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March 2003


29 Libeskind and THINK move forward with WTC plans
34 Rem and RTKL in Beijing


21 Editorial: Whaddya think?*
23 Letters*
47 Dates & Events*
55 Archrecord2: For the emerging achitect by Kevin Lerner*
59 Practice Matters: Independent contractors by Alan Joch
65 Commentary: Collaborations at the WTC by Suzanne Stephens
73 Critique: Security and humane cities by Michael Sorkin
79 Books: Tackling the tough questions
83 Snapshot: Big drama in a little clearing by Ingrid Whitehead
252 Profile: Lee Bey by John Czarnecki, Assoc. AIA*


88 Where are we now? By James S. Russell, AIA
Architecture’s place in an era of evolving values.


98 Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas by David Dillon*
Tadao Ando Architect & Associates
The poetry of concrete and glass comes to the Texas plains.
114 Silodam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands by Tracy Metz*
A wharf becomes home to a colorful residential project.
122 Lever House, New York City by Suzanne Stephens*
SOM and William T. Georgis
A Modernist landmark gets a facelift.

Building Types Study 819

131 Introduction: K-12 Schools by Jane F. Kolleeny
132 Primary School De Vogels, the Netherlands by David Cohn*
Architectuurstudio Herman Hertzberger
136 Ann Richards Middle School, Texas by David Dillon*
Kell Muñoz Architects
140 P.S. 156, I.S. 293, New York by Jane F. Kolleeny*
Mitchell/Giurgola Architects
144 Camino Nuevo Middle School, California by Alice Kimm*
Daly Genik Architects
www For 10 additional k-12 school projects, go to Building Types
Study at

Building Science & Technology

149 Vegetation Systems Atop Buildings Yield Multiple Environmental Benefits by Nancy B. Solomon, AIA*
German roofing technology takes root in the United States.

Digital Practice

177 News & Trends*
181 Nondestructive Testing Probes Dome’s Safety
by Charles Linn, FAIA*
Inspecting an unreachable and undocumented structure.
187 Digital Architect by Deborah Snoonian, P.E.*
188 Software Reviews*


195 News & Trends
196 Allsteel, Dallas by John Peter Radulski*
203 Burberry, New York City by William Weathersby, Jr.*
Gensler; Barteluce Architects & Associates; Mark Pinney
209 B&B Italia, London by By Hugh Pearman*
John Pawson; Antonio Citterio
214 Architect-designed furniture by William Weathersby, Jr.
217 Interior Products


223 Roofing and siding 234 Product Literature
227 Product Briefs
18 What’s at
240 Reader Service*

242 Manufacturers’ Spotlight
238 AIA/CES Self-Report Form*
248 Classified Advertising*