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An Evolving Edifice That Will Improve With Time
Four universities Envision the Centre for Interactive research on sustainability as a Living laboratory with a lofty mission and ambitious performance goals
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By Joann Gonchar, AIA


AIA/Architectural Record Continuing Education



LU: 1


1. The facility for the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) will be all of the following except which?
a. a research test bed for building components and systems
b. built at the same cost as a University of British Columbia wet-lab building
c. an occupied building
d. demountable

2. One of the biggest barriers to building sustainably is which, according to University of British Columbia geography professor John Robinson?
a. first costs
b. operating costs
c. the strict separation between development and operating budgets
d. permitting

3. The solar thermal collectors on the roof of the Intelligent Workplace at Carnegie Mellon University provide which?
a. heating only
b. cooling only
c. heating and cooling
d. hot potable water

4. CIRS will have all of the following features except which?
a. a welded-steel structural frame
b. two three-story office blocks
c. a central atrium
d. a saw-tooth-shaped skylight

5. Power for the CIRS facility will be provided by which method?
a. fuel cells
b. photovoltaic panels
c. a cogeneration plant
d. all of the above

6. The south facade of the CIRS building will serve as a 3D lab for the testing of all except which?
a. steel catwalks
b. glazing
c. photovoltaic panels
d. shading devices

7. The brace designed for the CIRS facility will do all except which?
a. absorb the energy of an earthquake
b. spare other building components from damage in an earthquake
c. be easily replaceable
d. not be damaged in a serious earthquake

8. Operable vertical fins will serve as shading devices on which facade of the CIRS building?
a. the east facade only
b. the west facade only
c. the east and west facades
d. the north facade

9. Potable water at the CIRS building will come from which source?
a. green-roof runoff
b. skylight runoff
c. site runoff
d. the municipal water supply

10. The CIRS facility’s architects are using building information modeling to do which of the following?
a. coordinate the design among the firm’s consultants
b. help explain the building to project stakeholders
c. develop a database of predicted performance information
d. all of the above

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