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American Hardwoods Enhance Healthy, Healing Spaces
Meeting the exacting requirements of aesthetics, sustainability, durability
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Trend Toward Pre-Finished

In health care settings, the trend is toward use of pre-finished hardwood flooring, millwork and casework products. Reasons include improved quality control, cost-effectiveness and indoor air quality.

When it comes to indoor air quality in residential settings, Paula Baker-Laporte, AIA, Principal and Owner of Baker-Laporte and Associates, Sante Fe, New Mexico, stipulates that two groups of people must be considered when designing a healthy home: those who are chemically sensitive and those who aren’t, but desire a healthful space.

“For people who are very chemically sensitive, I recommend a factory U.V. floor finish so that they don’t have to refinish in their home. Pre-finished materials are off-gassed under controlled conditions and the client receives an inert product,” elaborates Baker-Laporte. “In the case of healthy people without chemical sensitivities, there are many low- or zero-VOC finishes that work within the parameters of healthy design.”



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