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American Hardwoods Enhance Healthy, Healing Spaces
Meeting the exacting requirements of aesthetics, sustainability, durability
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AIA/Architectural Record Continuing Education



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1. The most prevalent hardwood species in the U.S. is:
a. ash
b. pine
c. oak
d. cherry

2. American hardwoods have distinctive characteristics that result in one-of-a- kind applications. In contrast to American hardwoods, tropical species:
a. have an appearance that is more uniform and patternless
b. have similarly varied grain patterns
c. are less durable
d. have more growth rings

3. The Planetree model for health care design:
a. recommends building antiseptic-looking facilities
b. suggests the use of wood furnishings to give hospitals a more home-like feel
c. assigns points for green and sustainable building practices
d. develops designs that save money and increase health care
provider convenience

4. American hardwoods are considered sustainable because:
a. U.S. hardwood forests grow far more wood than is harvested every year
b. Use of hardwoods are encouraged by LEED
c. Natural materials enrich the built environment
d. Climate and soil favor different species

5. Compared to other flooring materials, hardwood floors have:
a. high life-cycle costs
b. one of the lowest life-cycle costs
c. higher life-cycle costs than synthetic flooring products
d. lower upfront costs

6. Using regionally sourced hardwoods in a health care project
a. can help control material costs
b. is a sustainable design strategy
c. can earn LEED credit
d. all of the above

7. For hardwood products in health care settings, it is recommended to:
a. apply waterborne finish onsite
b. field-apply linseed oil
c. finish offsite at the manufacturer
d. use wax made from natural products

8. Used predominantly in ultra high-use commercial settings, they provide an extremely hard, durable barrier to dirt, moisture and wear:
a. surface finished floors
b. acrylic impregnated floors
c. stains
d. wax coatings

9 In flat- or plain-sawn hardwood boards, growth rings are parallel to the board's surface and create:
a. a vertical and uniform grain pattern
b. accentuated vertical or “straight” grain patterns
c. narrow boards
d. distinctive flame-shaped, arch or cathedral grain pattern

10. One aspect of keeping hardwood floors clean is to:
a. dust frequently with a micro fiber mop
b. use hot, soapy water
c. sponge down with disinfectant
d. use a wax buffer system


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