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Record Houses 2014

It is so true: in selecting RECORD Houses, the editors are often drawn to taut modernist planes, spaces that flow indoors and out, elegant details, and crafted materials. These tend to arrive in rectilinear packages, like the floating concrete volumes of Studio MK27's Casa P in São Paulo. Yet . . . not all the time. This year, a number of architects came up with schemes that veer away from the type, with steeply angled roofs, winding plans, and twisting or split volumes. Even some rectilinear houses break the mold: one has an exterior surface that dematerializes behind video images; another seems to hover above the site. While certain architectural attributes crop up year after year, the ones that offer a fresh spin demonstrate the building type as an inexhaustible mine for exploration and inspiration.

April 2014
Image: Roland Halbe
Estudio Entresitio
Madrid, Spain
April 2014
Image: Fernando Guerra / FG + SG Photography
Casa P
Studio MK27
São Paulo, Brazil
April 2014
Image: Jeremy Bitterman/© Allied Works Architecture
Dutchess County Residence, Main House
Allied Works Architecture
Dutchess County, New York
April 2014
Image: Joe Fletcher
Fall House
Fougeron Architecture
Big Sur, California
April 2014
Image: Nic Lehoux
House in the Rockies
Renzo Piano Building Workshop
April 2014
Image: Yoshihiro Koitani
Phoenix House
Sebastian Mariscal Studio
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California
April 2014
Image: Jeremy Bitterman
Sun Valley House
Rick Joy Architects
Sun Valley, Idaho
April 2014
Image: Jeroen Musch
Villa Kogelhof
Paul de Ruiter Architects
Kamperland, Holland (Netherlands)
Record Houses Archive
April 2013
Image: Bruno Helbling
2 Verandas
Gus Wüstemann Architects
Zurich, Switzerland
April 2013
Image: Juan Rodríguez
Atrium House
Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
Godella, Spain
April 2013
Image: Gustavo Sosa Pinilla
Casa BB
BAK Arquitectos
Mar Azul, Argentina
April 2013
Image: Iwan Baan
House K
Sou Fujimoto Architects
Nishinomiya, Japan
April 2013
Image: Fernando Guerra/Fg + Sg Photography
Patrocínio House
RA\\Architecture and Design Studio
Lisbon, Portugal
April 2013
Image: Paul Warchol
Tower House
Ulster County, New York
April 2013
Image: Jeff Goldberg/ESTO
Tucson Mountain Retreat
Tucson, Arizona
April 2012
Image: Michael Moran/OTTO
Genius Loci
Bates Masi Architects
Montauk, Long Island, New York
April 2012
Image: Hufft Projects
Heavy Metal House
Hufft Projects
Joplin, Missouri
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