For more than 50 years, RECORD has presented an annual collection of projects from around the globe that represent exemplary residential design. For our 2008 Record Houses awards program, we took a new approach: we looked for built, single-family dwellings that not only were aesthetically striking, but also employed innovative strategies for achieving environmental sustainability. In selecting this year’s nine winners, our jury evaluated criteria such as water efficiency, energy consumption, and indoor air quality. Our “green” focus resulted in two of the projects likely ranking as the smallest ever presented in a Record Houses issue.

Read an introduction by guest editor Christopher Hawthorne, and an editorial by Robert Ivy, who both explore the motives and results of this year’s focus. As Ivy writes, “Record Houses began its own adventure more than 50 years ago in high optimism. We have been reenergized to think of alternative ways of living for a new generation that will enhance health, provide security, offer constant delight, and spark the joy of living, while leaving a minimal footprint on planet earth.”

Also, visit this year's Web-only presentation of unbuilt houses. We showcase intriguing designs for single-family dwellings that incorporate green features.

Photo credits from left to right. Top row: James Morris; Earl Carter; Zooey Braun. Middle row: Benny Chan; Studio Mumbai ; Tim Bies. Bottom row: Cristobal Palma; Shinkenchiku-Sha; Bill Timmerman.


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