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Record Houses 2007

How to slip a rambling 21st-century dwelling into the narrow bell tower of a 17th-century church by Christopher Wren? Tackling that architectural riddle, nearly as perplexing as the prospect of passing a camel through the eye of a needle, architects Boyarsky Murphy rose to the occasion with a remarkable 11-story “flat,” a soaring folly in central London. This great monolithic spike stands in Record Houses 2007 amid six other featured projects. Though no two houses rose from similar circumstances, an extraordinary challenge generated each one.

Each of our seven featured houses—imaginative solutions— emerged from idiosyncratic sources of inspiration, with constraints and obstacles as colorful and varied as the venues themselves. —Sarah Amelar

Also, visit this year's special web-only presentation of Unbuilt Houses. Discover what's on the horizon for residential design.

Photo credits from left to right. Top row: Christian Richters; Cristobal Palma; Helene Binet. Middle row: Daici Ano; Art Grice. Bottom row: Farshid Assassi; Peter Aaron/Esto.


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