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Every month in this new column, we present photos of, plans for, and essential information about a group of recently completed residential projects that exemplify a specific type of house.
April 2014
Image: Zooey Braun
Haus B19
(se)arch architekten
Stuttgart, Germany
Image: Forward Stroke Inc.
Shirokane House
Kiyotoshi Mori & Natsuko Kawamura / MDS
Tokyo, Japan
Image: Lara Swimmer
Tower House
Benjamin Waechter, Architect
Portland, Oregon
March 2014
Image: Rafael Gamo Fassi
AS/D Asociación De Diseño
Huixquilucan, Mexico
Image: David Sundberg / Esto
Harbor Residence
Joeb Moore & Partners LLC
Southern Connecticut Coastline, Connecticut
Image: Paolo Rosselli
Urban House with Big Window
Alessandro Armando and Manfredo di Robilant
Cambridge, Massachusetts
February 2014
Image: David Vintiner
Alwyne Place
Lipton Plant Architects
Islington, London, United Kingdom
Image: Adrien Williams
Berri Residence
Montreal, Canada
Image: Marc Cramer
Bord-du-Lac Residence
Henri Cleinge, architecte
Dorval, Québec, Canada
January 2014
Image: Ben Rahn/A Frame Studio
Clear Lake Cottage
MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects
Clear Lake, Seguin Township, , Canada
Image: Steve Keating
Glen Lake Tower
Balance Associates Architects
Traverse City, Michigan
Image: Benny Chan/Fotoworks
Vortex House
Malibu, California
December 2013
Image: Brian Vanden Brink
Duin Huis
Hutker Architects
Aquinnah, Massachusetts
Image: Matthew Millman
Paso Robles Residence
Aidlin Darling Design
Paso Robles, California
Image: Christopher Barrett
Wood House
Brininstool + Lynch
Chicago, Illinois
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