Record Houses 2004

The dialogue between materials and place can be powerful, even palpable. The textures and hues of a house may merge with its landscape through elements that literally come from the natural setting. Or a design may respond more to a man-made context, either echoing or remaining distinct from it. In other scenarios, a truly stark contrast, a sense of purposeful opposition, may be at play.

Record Houses 2004 delves into the range of possibility. Whether by camouflage, contrast, or any variation in between, the projects in this collection engage materials to intensify the sense of place. We offer you a feast of houses, as varied as their venues and surrounding landscapes.

—Sarah Amelar

See the April 2004 issue of Architectural Record for complete coverage of these Record Houses.

Also, visit this year's special web-only presentation of Unbuilt Houses --we feature six future residences of Sagaponac, Long Island.

Click the photos below to see more.

Photo credits from left to right—
Top row: Jean Pierre Crousse; Scott Frances; Timothy Hursley; Mitsuo Matsuoka
Bottom row: Arnaldo Pappalardo; Hester + Hardaway Photographers; Bruno Klomfar


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