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Project Specs

National Stadium
Beijing, China
Herzog & de Meuron

the People

Jacques Herzog
Pierre de Meuron
Stefan Marbach

Project Architec
Linxi Dong (Associate)
Mia Hägg (Associate)
Tobias Winkelmann (Associate)
Thomas Polster

Project Team
Peter Karl Becher
Alexander Berger
Felix Beyreuther
Marcos Carreno
Xudong Chen
Simon Chessex
Massimo Corradi
Yichun He
Volker Helm
Claudia von Hessert
Yong Huang
Kasia Jackowska
Uta Kamps
Hiroshi Kikuchi
Martin Krapp
Hemans Lai
Emily Liang
Kenan Liu
Donald Mak
Carolina Mojto
Christoph Röttinger
Roland Rossmaier
Luciano Rotoli
Mehrdad Safa
Roman Sokalski
Heeri Song
Christoph Weber
Thomasine Wolfensberger
Pim van Wylick
Camillo Zanardini
Xiaolei Zhang

Competition Phase
Jacques Herzog
Pierre de Meuron
Harry Gugger
Stefan Marbach

Project Architect
Jean Paul Jaccaud

Project Team
Béla Berec
Antonio Branco
Simon Chessex
Massimo Corradi
Gustavo Espinoza
Hans Focketyn
Andreas Fries
Patric Heuberger
Mia Hägg
Daniel Pokora
Christopher Pannett
Mehrdad Safa
Philipp Schaerer
Heeri Song
Adrien Verschuere
Antje Voigt

Competition Design Consortium
Herzog & de Meuron
China Architectural Design & Research Group

Ai Weiwei, Beijing, China
Chinese Artist and Curator, Artistic Advisor

National Stadium Co. Ldt, Beijing, China

Competition Organizer
Beijing Municipal Planning Commission, Beijing, China

Competition authorized by
Beijing Municipal Government
Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG), Beijing, China

Main Contractor
Beijing Urban Construction Group Co. Ltd, Beijing, China
CITIC International Contracting Inc., Beijing, China

Steel Contractor
JingGong Construction Industry Group, Zhejiang Province, China
Beijing BUCG JingGong Steel Structure Engineering Co. Ltd., Beijing, China
Hu Ning Steel Company, Jiangsu Province, China
JiangNan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China
ZhongZhi Group-BaoYe Construction, Shanghai, China


the Products

Steel Coating
Dalian Zebon Fluorocarbon Paint Stock CO., Ltd., Dalian, China

Roofing (Cladding) - Cladding Consortium
Cladding Consortium ETFE (weather-proofing):
Covertex GmbH, Obing, Germany

PTFE (acoustic ceiling):
Beijing N&L Fabric Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

Roof Drainage System
Fast Flow Siphonic Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Precast Concrete (bowl/tier)
Beijing Yushuzhuang Concrete Construction Co., Beijing, China
Beijing Urban Construction Group Co. Ltd, Beijing, China

Concourse Wall Paint
Caparol Farben Lacke Bautenschutz GmbH, Ober-Ramstadt, Germany

Concrete Column Paint
Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China

Façade System
Jansen Ltd, Oberriet, Switzerland

Guangdong Golden Glass Technologies Ltd., Shantou, China

Custom Suspended Ceiling
Beijing Pulong Metall Decoration Material Ltd., Beijing, China

Wall Textile
Guangzhou Yorklon Wallcoverings Co., Ltd., Guanzhou, China

Beijing Shiwan Pebble Trading Company, Beijing, China

Sanitary Items
General Spectators:
TOTO (China), Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

Kohler China Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

Sport Lighting
Philips Lighting China, Shanghai, China

Indoor Lighting
GE (China) Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

Concourse Lighting
Shanghai Grandar Lightscape Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China

Effect Lighting
Beijing Landsky Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

Landscape Custom Lighting
Beijing Landsky Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

Landscape Lighting
Beijing Xingguang Film & TV Equipment Technologies Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

CITIC Signs Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

Weak Current System
Honeywell (China) Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

Timing System
Swiss Timing Ltd, Corgemont, Switzerland

Ruifeng Jiansheng Audio & Lighting Engineering Company, Guanzhou, China

General Spectators:
Jiangsu GPRO Group
Nanjing Jinling Plastic and Petrochemical CO., Ltd., Nanjing, China

Shanghai Haobo Tablet Chair Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China

Mondo, Alba, Italy

Stone Paving
Fujjian Dingsheng Group, Jinjiang, China
Yi Xian Haihui Stone Materials Co., Ltd., Zhuojiazhuang, China

Landscape Stone Bench
Tsingtao Runlong Stone Co., Ltd., Qingdao, China

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