Projects   Project Portfolio – August 2004
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The Ray and Maria Stata Center for Computer,
Information and Intelligence Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, Mass.
Gehry Partners

Photo © Roland Halbe

the People

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gehry Partners, LLP
12541 Beatrice Street
Los Angeles, California, 90066
telephone 310-482-3000
fax 310-482-3006

Design Partner:
Frank Gehry

Project Partner:
Jim Glymph

Project Designer:
Craig Webb

Project Architect/Project Partner:
Marc Salette

Assistant Project Designer:
Rachel Allen

Assistant Project Architect:
Larry Tighe

Assistant Project Architect:
David Rodriguez

Core Project Team:
Helena Berge, Henry Brawner, Vartan Chalikian, Christine Clements, Edward Duffy, Yono Hong, James Jackson, Thomas Kim, Jason Luk, Yannina Manjarres-Weeks, Frank Melendez,
Emiliano Melgazo, Ngaire Nelson, Gaston Nogues, Yanan Par, Doug Pierson, David Plotkin, Derek Sola, Karen Tom, Steve Traeger, Monica Valtierra-Day, Yuwen Wang, Jeff Wauer

Project Team:
Chris Banks, Christopher Barbee, Herwig Baumgartner, Saffet Bekiroglu, Tom Bessai, Tomaso Bradshaw, Tina Chee, Susannah Dickinson, Brian Flores, Raymond Gaetan, Craig Gilbert, Jeff Guga, Dari Iron, Michael Kempf, Kurt Komraus, Irwin Larman, Dennis Lee, Frank Medrano, Clifford Minnick, Robyn Morgenstern, Scott Natvig, Janine Nesseth, Robert Seelenbacher, Dennis Shelden, Bruce Shepard, Suren Sumian, Birgit Schneider, Gavin Wall, Bryant Yeh, Brian Zamora

Structural Engineer:
John A. Martin & Associates
Project Principal: Trailer Martin
Project Manager:
Ron Lee
Project Engineers:
Les Cho, Martha Gonzalez, Marcello Sgambelluri, Jose Hebreo, Renie Beasley

Exterior Exnclosure
Structural Consultant:
Martin/Martin & ABS
Steven Judd, Tait Ketchun, Kevin Wright, Michael Smith, Ken Peterson

Local Structural Engineer:
CBI Consulting
Craig Barne

Vanderweil Engineers
Project Principal: Joe Manfredi
Project Managers: Mark Aprea, John Daly
HVAC Engineers: Chris Schaffner, Matt Stone
Electrical Engineer: Robert Chaves
Plumbing Engineers: John Rattenbury, Jeri Sullivan
Fire-protection Engineers: Demetri Tsatsarones, Amy Hughes

CIvil Engineer:
Judith Nitsch Engineering, Inc.
Chief Engineer: Stephen M. Benz, P.E.
Project Engineer: William Doyle, P.E.

McKay, Conant, Brook
David A. Conant - Project Principal
Michael P. SantaMaria - Project Manager, Acoustics
Randal B. Willis, P.E. -AV Design Supervisory
Timothy R. Waters - AV Support Supervisory Consultant

Exterior Enclosure Consultant:
Gordon H. Smith Corporation
Gordon H. Smith, P.E.
S. "Alex" Marton, A.I.A.

Olin Partnership
Laurie Olin- Principal
Keith McPeters - Associate
Yue Li- Project Manager
Annie Griffenburg - Landscape Designer

ag Licht GbR
Wilfried Kramb
Klaus Adolph

Codem Life-Safety & Accessibility:
Rolf Jensen and Associates Inc.
David LeBlanc, P.E.
Jennifer Sapochetti, P.E.
Jonathan Eisenberg, P.E.
Wael Hadad

Schirmer Engineering Corporation
Rockwood J. Edwards

Lerch Bates North America
Team: Michael D. Farris, Noel Herchell, Michael Edson, Tom Beebe, Derek Mento

Building Maintenance:
Citadel Consulting, Inc.
Lee B. Herzog
Tommy Ieng Srioudom

Cost Estimator:
Hanscomb, Inc.

Childcare Center Consultant:
Gail Sullivan Associates
Gail Sullivan
Varda Koerner

Childcare Playground Consultant: Johansson Design Collaborative, Inc. Landscape Architecture
Sonja Johansson
Holly D. Ben-Joseph
Willow Cheeley

Food Service:
Cini-Little International, Inc.
James N. Davella - Project Manager

Bruce Mau Design
Bruce Mau - Designer
Sara Wainstein Kohn - Designer
Anita Matusevics - Designer
Nick Chen-Yin - Designer
Jeremy Stewart - Designer
Jyhling Lee - Designer
Angelica Fox - Project Manager
Robert Labossiere- Project Manager
Petra Chevrier - Project Manager
Randy Johnson - Signage Consultant

Entro Communications
Brenda Ton- Signage Consultant

Campbell-McCabe, Inc.
Robbie McCabe- Project Principal
Bob McCabe - Project Consultant

Roland Halbe (exterior)
Boeheimstr. 45
D-70199 Stuttgart
tel +49 711 6074073

Peter Vanderwarker (exterior)
Andy Ryan (interior)



the Products

Structural System
Poured-in-place concrete installed by S&F Concrete, custom steel frame fabricated and installed by Capco

Exterior cladding
Hand-set brick installed by Grande

Metal/glass curtain wall:
Custom metal cladding (stainless steel, painted aluminum, colored titanium) on prefabricated façade panels fabricated and installed by Zahner/Karas, custom glass curtainwall with aluminum framing fabricated and installed by Zahner/Karas

EIFS, ACM, or other:
Traditional exterior plaster on lath system at some soffits and parapets installed

Built-up roofing:
Sarnafil PVC membrane on sloped insulation

Grace Elastomeric membrane (VYCOR) under metal cladding rainscreen installed by Zahner/Karas

Custom standing seam metal roofs fabricated and installed by Zahner/Karas

Custom skylights fabricated and installed by Zahner/Karas (system similar to glass curtain wall)

Standard aluminum operable windows installed by Zahner/KarasGlazing

Typical assembly is laminated-insulated with low-E coating fabricated by Viracron and installed by Zahner/Karas

Custom skylights fabricated and installed by Zahner/Karas (system similar to glass curtain wall)

Glass doors with aluminum frame installed by Zahner/Karas

Metal doors:
Painted steel

Wood doors:
Vertical grain Douglas Fir veneer on wood frame (solid and glass) fabricated by Eggers Industries and installed by West Hartford Lock

Sliding doors:
Vertical grain Douglas Fir veneer on wood frame (solid and glass) fabricated and installed by North American Woodworking Corporation (NAWC)

Special doors:
Custom doors fabricated and installed by NAWC Security devices. Specified by Kroll/Schiff; installed by Sullivan & McLaughlin Companies

Interior finishes
Acoustical ceilings:
Interior acoustic plaster – Baswaphon, installed by Component Assembly Systems

Tile ceilings – Ecophon, installed by Componanet Assembly Systems (CAS)

Demountable partitions:
"Neighborhood Partitions": Galv Stl stud work - CAS; Plywood finish - NAWC

Glass finish - Karas & Karas

Cabinetwork and custom woodwork: Base cabinetry, spiral stairs, shelving, Student Street Benches, Student Street panels by NAWC; Cafe Benches, open area partitions, Pub millwork by Polybois, Inc

Paints and stains:
Sherwin Williams Paints - by SOEP Painting Corp.

Custom Perforated Plywood paneling - fabricated and installed by NAWC

Floor and wall tile:
Floor and wall tiles in Restrooms and Tea Kitchen – DalTile, Buchtal

Resilient flooring:
Johnsonite; Mondo

Mannington Carpets; installed by Bloom South

Raised flooring:
Tate Flooring

Office furniture:
by Owner

Reception furniture:
by Owner (except for custom woodwork by NAWC)

Fixed seating:

by Owner (except for custom woodwork by Polybois, Inc)

Other furniture:
Custom woodwork for loose furniture manufactured by Polybois, Inc. Other loose furniture in Lounges and Cafe chosen by GP from various companies.

Interior ambient lighting:
–Lighting Design done by agLicht, Inc. Fixture selections from Zumtobel/Staff
– Holophane
– National
– Bega

Lutron for dimming controls, installed by Broadway Electrical, Inc.

Thyssen Elevators

Graphic Panels along Student Street - photographs by Yann Arthus Bertrand; printed, frames fabricated and installed by NAWC.

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