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Multimedia Classroom Building
Washington State University, Vancouver Campus
Vancouver, Wash.
Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership

Flexibility and visibility are keys to this new multipurpose building

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Since 1990, the architects have partnered with Washington State University to develop its 348-acre campus in Vancouver and have completed the design and construction of nearly 400,000 square-feet of facilities and 10 miles of roads and pathways. The 49,200 square-foot Multimedia Classroom Building is the most recently completed building on campus. Located on the central quad, the three-story brick and glass building houses general classrooms; computer, multimedia, and graphic arts labs; and offices.

For the Multimedia Classroom Building, planning focused on creating maximum flexibility within the lab spaces. Design details intentionally expose the wiring systems that support computer equipment in those spaces. Laboratories can be seen from within the building and from adjacent outdoor spaces. Classrooms, private offices, and study spaces offer dramatic views of the center of campus and neighboring Mount Hood.

Extensive interaction between the university and the design team helped to establish goals and growth strategies for the new campus. Significant attention has been given to the spaces that will make the commuting student feel at home on the campus. Each new building incorporates areas for both individual and group study. Social spaces, located at the perimeter of the buildings, offer natural light and high visibility. Wherever possible, building circulation is pulled to the exterior of the facility and placed next to major pedestrian walkways.

Formal name of Project:
Multimedia Classroom Building
Washington State University, Vancouver Campus

Vancouver, Wash.

Gross square footage:
49,200 sq. ft.

Total construction cost:
$12.2 million

Washington State University

Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership (ZGF)
320 SW Oak, Suite 500
Portland, Oregon 97204
503.224.3860 (phone)
503.224.2482 (fax)


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