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Toyota UK Headquarters
Surrey, England
Sheppard Robson

An enormous corporate campus is scaled-down to village proportions by a connective and vibrant main street

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Sheppard Robson won the RIBA competition for this new Toyota headquarters building, set in a landscaped parkland in the south of England on an existing brownfield. The headquarters provides administration, conference, and staff welfare facilities and was completed in 2001.

Four, two-story office wings radiate out from a three-story internal "street," which houses circulation, informal meetings areas, and support services. This street links the offices and connects to a three-story entrance rotunda containing a staff restaurant, conference facilities, computer suite, and fitness center. Acting as a showcase for the company as well as a meeting area for staff and the public, it provides space for the display of automobiles both at floor level and suspended from the high ceiling. By locating staircases, elevators, bathrooms and shared interaction spaces within the street, the main office floorplates are free to provide flexible, usable spaces to accommodate open floor plan or cellular offices. This arrangement enables offices to be free of departmental boundaries, creating simple flexible spaces for work. Office space merges seamlessly into the street, removing barriers between the public work areas, maximizing efficiency.

The building is composed of pre-cast reinforced concrete clad in a glazed and aluminum curtain wall system. The exposed concrete structure also utilizes sustainable elements, including a low-energy ventilation system, natural ventilation, and passive solar shading. Extensive use of glazing throughout the building maximizes daylight, capitalizes on views of the magnificent surrounding landscape, and creates a vibrant transparency for workers and visitors alike.

Formal name of Project:
Toyota Headquarters

Surrey, England

Gross square footage:
150, 000 sq. ft.

Total Construction Cost:
$36.5 million


Sheppard Robson
77 Parkway
Camden Town
London NW1 7PU, UK
T. +44 [0]20 7504 1700
F. +44 [0]20 7504 1701


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