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Burton Offices and Solo Bookstore
Solana Beach, California
Luce et Studio

Through design, this studio reiterates the creative mission of its occupants

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This project resulted from a unique partnership between designer and client—landscape architects Bill and Abbie Burton. Burton Landscape Architecture sought a studio environment for its 18-member firm that would express their design sensibility and inspire creativity and productivity within their office. As new owners of a prominent building in a popular district, the Burtons had a strong desire to interact with and contribute to the design and business community, so they opened Burton Gallery and a retail shop called Solo, which are both part of their studio.

The original 100-foot-by-100-foot raw shell of concrete block with a 25-foot-high barrel vaulted ceiling supported by substantial wood trusses was left exposed. The "peeling back of layers" created the opportunity to add a series of steel, glass, plywood, and rubber strata, which are layered and juxtaposed in different combinations to achieve an engaging dialogue. The scale, thickness, and texture of materials vary and form the basis for each of the architectural elements and custom furniture pieces that define the character of the space. This careful attention to detail creates an intimacy of place within the immense volume.

Massive frames of structural steel were inserted to create a demising wall that separates retail from studio/gallery. Layers of plywood set low on this wall establish a visual boundary between uses. Glass panels float above allowing a clear view through the curved roof trusses. One feels the expanse of the room from any vantage point. The notion of scale became a major focus of the design concept. The entry area functions as art gallery, reception area, and a casual setting for office gatherings. This design studio and its surrounding functions embody within them the essence of the original purpose: to make a place where the creative act is the priority.

Formal name of Project:
Burton Offices and Solo Bookstore at 304 South Credos

Solana Beach, Calif.

Gross square footage:
10,000 sq. ft.

Total construction cost:
$1 million

Bill Burton, Abbie Burton

Luce et Studio
1037 J Street
San Diego, Ca 92101
t. 619.544.0223
f. 619.544.0229

Clockwise from top center: Jennifer Luce,
Susan Garret, Amy Larimer, Sharon Stampfer,
David Schafer, Vanessa Bartko, Mauricio Lusso.



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