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Nike iD Design Studio
New York City
Lynch / Eisinger / Design

Victorian ornate given a sporty twist

© Paul Warchol Photography

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The Nike iD Design Studio is an interactive showroom where guests are invited to create their own Nike sneakers, aided by in-house design assistants, in a laid back and playfully inspiring atmosphere—“sneaker couture” with a heavy dose of sneaker culture. In detailing the interior, Lynch / Eisinger was guided by the inherent contradiction between luxury—which it defines as sedentary, comfortable, and elite—and athleticism—seen as active, strenuous, and egalitarian.

An implied sense of movement suffuses every surface plane and finish, injecting a sense of restlessness into the otherwise stolid space. This implied movement extends even to the furnishings—nearly all of which were custom designed by the architect. Flocked wallpaper, which at first glance resembles a stuffy Victorian floral pattern, reveals on closer examination tiny images of sneakers, basketballs, and the patterns of sneaker soles. This visual pun carries over into three dimensions: the wallpaper peeling away from the wall to define a seating area below and lighting cove above. The studio’s back wall is comprised of 132 panels printed with an image by the British artist, Shiv. Custom-designed mounting hardware enables the panels to pivot independently, giving the wall a sense of depth and movement. The panels can also fold down to become shelves for displaying shoe designs.

The two principle finishes, hand-oiled quarter-sawn walnut and high-gloss white lacquer, embody the contradictory inspirations of luxury and athleticism. They also provide contrast to black leather sofas, whose stitching matches the Nike standard, and brightly colored cushions, each sewn or printed with a different Nike motif. A large black lacquered mirror frame looms at one end of the space, its frame comprised of sculpted footwear, balls, and ballers. A cantilevered display bench measuring 20 feet long occupies the center of the room. Its massive walnut top appears to float on a white lacquered steel base.

Formal name of Project:
Nike iD Design Studio

New York City

Gross square footage:
1,100 sq. ft.


Lynch / Eisinger / Design
224 Centre Street, 5th Fl.
New York, NY 10013
212-219-6377 tel.
212-219-6378 fax


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