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Dallas & Washington D.C.
Elliott + Associates Architects

Light illuminates space and document technology

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The Dallas interior is the fourth in a series of production facilities for ImageNet, an electronic document distribution company. Elliott + Associates sought to raise the bar in designing each of the successive offices, challenging itself to tell ImageNet’s corporate story in a new and exciting way. Like a series of works of art, each office delivers a specific message about speed, product, service, and delivery.

The architect’s concept for the Dallas office is “ditto,” meaning “something previously mentioned” and a synonym for “photocopy.” Elliott + Associates created a space that helps educate ImageNet’s customers about document services: helping them understand the concept of replication and allowing them to see information as it moves from point to point. It does this by showcasing the client’s technology and revealing the process that computers use to translate letters into binary code. The emphasis on technology also sends a clear message to the client’s customers that it is on the leading edge of innovation.

The architect used light, just as a photocopier does, to project and translate information from one medium to another and one surface to another. To reinforce the idea of duplication, it also incorporated reflective surfaces.

In creating the fifth office for ImageNet, Elliott + Associates Architects sought inspiration from the city of Washington, D.C.—its urban plan, developed by Pierre L’Enfant in the 1700s, and the blossoms of its cherry trees. Also, in keeping with the client’s wishes, the architect designed a space that serves as a marketing tool for ImageNet: using the themes of efficiency and organization to attract both customers and employees.

Inspired by the axis of the L’Enfant plan, the architect laid out a sequence of spaces that unfolds down a long corridor and creates a mounting sense of excitement. This axis stands in stark contrast to the banal circulation space that leads from the building’s elevator bank to the suite’s main entrance.

As in its other ImageNet offices, the architect used light to elucidate and illustrate the technology of document replication services. But unique to this location, it played with both light and shade to recall the experience of walking under the dappled shadows of a thousand cherry blossoms: creating “one minute of wow” to impress the client’s employees and customers alike.

Formal name of Project:
ImageNet - Dallas & Washington D.C. Offices

Dallas & Washington D.C.

Gross square footage:
Dallas: 3,388 sq. ft.; Washington D.C.: 4,877 sq. ft.

Tota; construction cost:
Dallas: $104,000; Washington D.C.: $267,000


Elliott + Associates Architects
35 Harrison Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
405-232-9554 tel.
405-232-9997 fax

Principal in charge: Rand Elliott, FAIA


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