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Santa Monica, Calif.
Abramson Teiger Architects

Color and texture indulge clients in this skin care center

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Abramson Teiger Architects was asked to design a flagship store that showcases the company's products and functions as a skin therapy center. The design team saw a need to create an entry sequence that prepared the client for a relaxing experience. Accordingly, the space evolved as a progressive series of transitions leading from the exposed environment of the streetscape to the sensory isolation of the treatment "pods." These pods liberate the space from the boxy conventions of typical skin care centers. Centrally located within the 1,662 square-foot space, they provide an engaging, personal, and social environment for people to meet, test products, and take care of their skin.

In applying a spatial analogy to the Dermalogica brand, skin therapy and treatment is translated into color, form, and texture with particular attention to their juxtaposition throughout the project. The smooth skin of the pods is enhanced by the texture of a dry-stacked concrete tile wall, for instance. The color palette of the interior was inspired by the relationship of human skin to nature. The white surfaces glow like healthy skin and play against the other natural materials to create a soothing atmosphere. The play of light across undulating surfaces reflects this living quality and draws the eye toward products and services in a nonconfrontational manner.

Formal name of Project:

Sant Monica, Calif.

Gross square footage:
1,662 sq. ft.

Jane Wurwand

Architect / Interior Designer:
Abramson Teiger Architects
8924 Lindblade Street
Culver City, CA 90232
310.838.8998 - phone
310.838.8332 - fax

Douglas Teiger & Trevor Abramson


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