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The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Residences, Georgetown
Washington, DC
Gary Edward Handel + Associates

An unlikely incinerator building is the site of an elegant collection of buildings

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Located on a waterfront site along the Potomac River, the Georgetown Incinerator’s towering red brick smoke stack has long been a prominent landmark in the neighborhood, but the building and site had been left in considerable disrepair since 1971. The challenge for the design team was to incorporate the existing structure in a manner appropriate to Georgetown with new buildings and rich, mixed-use program. The result includes an 86-room five-star hotel, 28 luxury condominiums, Loews Cinema complex with 14 screens, fitness club, spa, retail space, and parking for 350 cars.

Maintaining the authenticity of the incinerator building became a goal for the design altogether. The campus of buildings is responsive to the late 18th century industrial/historic look of this part of Georgetown, but also introduces a more modern architectural vocabulary. For example, the predominant materials of brick and matte-finished metal elegantly play off one another. The facades are subtly adjusted with bay windows, balconies, setbacks, different brick coursing, and stone at the base.

The major views from the site are to the south overlooking the Potomac River, but an elevated highway along K Street stands between the site and the river. To take advantage of river views, the residential buildings were situated on top of the plinth. The theaters and parking are located inside the plinth, while the hotel is located off of quiet South Street.

Formal name of Project:
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Residences, Georgetown

Washington, DC

Gross square footage:
600,000 sq. ft.

Total Construction Cost:
$115 million

Millennium Partners / EastBanc

Gary Edward Handel + Associates Architects
1995 Broadway 4th Floor
New York, NY 10023
T: 212.595.4112
F: 212.595.9032


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