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Bogue Supply Building
Salt Lake City
FFKR Architects

A thoughtful reuse of industrial space provides a new home for architects

© Paul Richer

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The simple, elegant volume and sturdy materials of this building, constructed in 1904 to serve the adjacent foundry, appealed to the owners of FFKR in their search for a new office location. They consequently made as few alterations as possible in order to maintain the building’s original character.

A large bridge crane previously residing within the building is now relocated to the exterior. In its place, a new mezzanine rests under the roof trusses and provides additional space. A plywood diaphragm provides lateral resistance and a new standing seam roof covers insulation. Continuous panels of polycarbonate replace previously vertical faces to provide soft, natural lighting. New doors and windows match the originals.

Central wiring installed under the mezzanine supplies telephone and internet service and powers new electrical, security, fire protection, and mechanical systems. The project is currently under review for the National Register of Historic Places.

Formal name of Project:
Bogue Supply Building

Salt Lake City

Gross square footage:
24,400 sq ft

Total construction cost:
$1.58 million

The Bogue/FFKR Building, LLC

FFKR Architects
730 Pacific Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104
801.521.6186 phone
801.539.1916 fax

Photo © Welden C. Andersen


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