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Walled Lake Central High School
Walled Lake, Mich.
TMP Associates, Inc.

A high school’s intelligent expansion accommodates its increasing size

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Walled Lake Central High School, originally built in 1957 with additions in 1968 and 1992, was inadequate in providing quality learning spaces to meet the needs of a comprehensive high school curriculum. Several options were explored to meet the projected enrollment of 2,000 students. Placement of a new addition and the development of a phasing plan to allow uninterrupted instruction during construction were of major importance.

The design incorporates two new "visible" front doors related to major vehicular approaches, both which access "Central Avenue," a linear two-story spine that provides a visual focus to the interior, a gathering place for the students, and links all of the major areas of the school into one dynamic space. Architecturally, the space is articulated with natural light, bold wall and floor patterns, and exposed structural elements to animate the volume.

An Academic Center includes three, two-story houses. These modular house groupings allow the school to be organized into smaller learning communities and include general classroom space, science facilities, faculty and counselor offices, group instruction space, and interactive technology labs. Bold color on walls and patterned, carpeted floors give each house a unique character.

The Media Center and Tech Resource Area are a combination of new and remodeled areas located adjacent to "Central Avenue" for easy access. The 800-seat performing arts center provides a forum for students to learn and perform the theater arts, while facilitating a valuable performance venue to the local community. A comprehensive system of interactive instructional technology is seamless throughout the school, linking and supporting curriculum delivery in all areas.

Formal name of Project:
Walled Lake Central High School

Walled Lake, Mich.

Gross square footage:
248,775 sq ft (new)
102,220 sq ft (remodeled)
350,995 total sq ft

Total construction cost:
$32 million

TMP Associates, Inc.
1191 West Square Lake Rd.
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
Fax: (248) 338-0223


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