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Putting a fresh face on concrete panels
For the Hämeenlinna Provincial Archive building, located in a small but historically remarkable city located about 60 miles north of Helsinki, Finland, Heikkinen-Komonen Architects was required to design a repository for historic documents dating from the 16th century that would also play a significant role in the cityscape.

In order to help communicate the role of the building in the community, the team covered the facade with archival “graffiti” through the use of a technology from Finnish concrete design firm Graphic Concrete. “The narrative decoration has been taken from the historic documents, stamps, and writings found in the archive,” explains Markku Puumala, project architect with Helsinki-based Heikkinen-Komonen. The archive portion of the building is located in a solid archive box three stories high covered with graphic concrete elements on four exterior walls and one interior wall. “Concrete is a good material for archive use because of its stability and ability to even moisture,” adds Puumala. [cont.]

[Reader Service: February 2010 #200]