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Tile, Stone & Concrete
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We kick off the year with products and accessories intended for hard surfacing applications, including flooring, decking, and indoor and retaining walls. To find out what’s new in 2007, visit World of Concrete, held 1/23–1/27 in Las Vegas, and the Coverings tile and stone show, held 4/17–4/20 in Chicago. Rita Catinella Orrell

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Clockwise from left: Textured Tango 4'' x 24'' tiles are framed by alternating 6'' x 6'' La Boca and Pampa textured tiles. The Tango colorway is shown in an unpolished, polished, and textured finish. The Recoleta listello (two shown).

Proprietary technology creates three coordinating textures of porcelain tile
Tennessee-based Crossville intends to capture the romance and tempo of Argentina’s capital city with Buenos Aires Mood, a new line of porcelain stone tile products. Multistrato, a proprietary technology developed specifically for the collection over the course of three years, creates subtle shading, fluidity, and movement within each color.

Officially launched last October at the Consulate General of Argentina in New York City, the collection was produced in partnership with Ilva S.A., a ceramic tile producer located outside of Buenos Aires. After working for several years with Ilva and becoming enamored with Buenos Aires and it’s culture, “It was just a natural thing to do to name the series after the city,” says Laurie Lyza, marketing manager of Crossville.

Buenos Aires Mood is available in three surface textures for both commercial and residential use. The Multistrato technology allows for no major difference in color or graphic among the finishes. One offering has the texture and slip-resistance of slate and may be used for interior and well as exterior horizontal surfaces and paving, while the other two have the appearance of polished and unpolished marble. This allows specifiers to carry the collection across different spaces throughout a project without a jarring difference in color or visual effect.

The five colorways available in the line have a naturally random distribution of color, and each represents a location or cultural activity associated with the namesake city: Polo (a popular sport) is a creamy white-on-white with a hint of beige and gray veining; La Boca (a colorful neighborhood by the port) is a warm camel; Pampa (the grasslands) is a gray/beige blend; Recoleta (the cultural center of the city) is a chocolate hue accented with taupe and ivory; and Tango (the famous ballroom dance) features red and gold accents against a field of black.

Each texture and color has rectified edges and is available in multiple sizes, from large format to mosaics to trims.

Crossville plans to introduce several new collections this year, including updates to its most popular color lines. Crossville, Crossville, Tenn. [ Reader Service January 2007 # 209a ]



Greener cement
Holcim launched the Envirocore family of products at the GreenBuild show held last November in Denver. Containing materials that have been recycled or coprocessed, the products are engineered to be utilized in all portland cement applications. They are produced in a method that uses less energy and fewer raw materials while generating less waste and pollution. The ingredients in the line range from fly ash, slag, pozzolans (natural deposits), limestone, and masonry/mortar cement. Holcim, Dundee, Mich. [ Reader Service January 2007 # 210 ]



Stone and tile sealers
DuPont StoneTech Professional introduced two improved stone and tile sealers at StonExpo 2006 that reduce the occurrence of residue. DuPont StoneTech Professional BulletProof Sealer and Heavy Duty Sealer are water-based and contain low levels of VOCs, making them compliant with recently enacted VOC regulations affecting areas in several states, including California, New Jersey, New York, and the District of Columbia. DuPont, Wilmington, Del. [ Reader Service January 2007 # 211 ]

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