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Metal Siding & Roofing
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Our roundup this month includes the latest metal systems that protect and enhance roofs and walls. Hurricane- and/or wind-resistance, reflectivity, and energy efficiency remain important issues for this category, which includes products made of metal composites, zinc, steel, and aluminum. Rita Catinella Orrell

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The appearance of 28 individual panels is created here from only five Graphix Series panels (top left). It takes three panels to create the look of a grid of nine panels (top right). This building rendering of an application of Graphix panels (above) belies the actual number of panels that would need to be specified for the project.

Metal-composite wall-panel system gives the illusion of multipanel design
The Formawall Graphix Series is an insulated metal-composite wall-panel system that creates the effect of a multipanel installation with a single panel. Graphix Series panels are available in custom widths from 10'' to 40'' in 1¼2'' increments. The 2''- and 3''-thick panels can be specified with a maximum of 12 segments per panel.

The multipanel effect is created by adding segmented joints that mimic panel joints. These segmented joints can be placed at almost any location along the panel, which is available in lengths of up to 20'. The panels can be installed horizontally or vertically and the segmented joints can be spaced at a minimum of 12'' apart.

The system is available in standard 22/26 gage G-90 galvanized-steel face and liner with CFC-free foam core. The panel’s joists are Centria’s patented, vented, and dry-sealed rainscreen, pressure-equalized joinery. As it is a complete wall system, Graphix does not require additional wall components, such as batt insulation, exterior sheathing, or building wrap. Centria, Moon Township, Pa. [ Reader Service November 2006 # 207 ]



Hurricane-tough panel system
By adding a thin layer of Kevlar fabric to Reynobond’s polyethylene core, Alcoa has created the only light, flexible, aluminum-composite panel that can withstand hurricane-propelled debris and similar types of impact without the use of backer materials. The panel has passed rigorous simulated-hurricane-impact tests and is designed to withstand wind-borne debris and hurricane wind speeds up to 130 mph, such as in a Category 3 hurricane. Alcoa, Eastman, Ga. [ Reader Service November 2006 # 208 ]



One cool roof
Met-Tile has become an Energy-Star partner for its metal-tile panel roofing system that combines the look of tile with the performance of metal. The updated steel roofing line features a Super Series 4800 Super Cool architectural coating system in 10 colors. The coatings have solar reflectivity values ranging from 26 to 67 percent, which meets and in some cases exceeds Energy Star requirements. Met-Tile, Ontario, Canada. [ Reader Service November 2006 # 209 ]

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