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Tile & Stone

A review of not one, but two trade shows focusing on the tile and stone industry follows: Coverings, held last April in Orlando, and Cevisama, held last February in Valencia, Spain. Included are a range of products for horizontal, vertical, outdoor, and even underwater applications. Rita Catinella Orrell



Surfacing material offers the beauty of stone with a protective glass skin
Fusionstone is the latest building material hybrid: natural stone fused with an ultra-clear glass surface. Intended to prevent the intrusion of natural and chemical substances into porous marbles, sandstones, and limestones, Fusionstone’s proprietary process eliminates adhesion lines and gives a translucent appearance from edge to edge, showcasing the stone underneath. Ideal for countertop, tabletop, vanity, and other surfaces in high-end health-care, hospitality, and retail environments, Fusionstone is highly resistant to bases, acids, and organic substances and is more resistant to temperature variation and scratching than normal float glass. The 10 standard options come in 47'', 59'', 78'', and 94'' standard sizes with custom shapes and edges available. The stone is available in .9'' or 1.3'' thicknesses, while the glass comes in a .16'' standard thickness. LED lighting can be incorporated behind the material or along the edge. Four edge details are available: straight edge with upper bevel and lower bevel; straight edge with radius; coving with lower bevel; and bead-molding. Architectural Systems, New York City. [ Reader Service October 2006 # 200 ]


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(1) An edge detail of Fusionstone in Royal Garden (top), Crema Marfil (center), and Blue Valley (bottom). (2) Fusionstone (shown here in Carrara Gioia) is highly resistant to acids, such as lemon juice. Stone color options include Rosso Verona (3) and Verde Guatemala (4).