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Glass & Glazing
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This month’s focus is on the latest designs and technologies in the glass and glazing arena, whether intended for structural, fire-rated, or decorative use. For a good place to scout the latest in the industry, check out the GlassBuild America tradeshow, held in Las Vegas from 9/19 to 9/21. Rita Catinella Orrell

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The texture of Stones kiln-cast glass shows best when backlit (top); Nuv’eau is a play on “new water” and recalls water in motion (middle); Stria is named after the geological-like striations in the texture (above).

Stone and water inspire a collection of new glass textures
Stones, the latest addition to Joel Berman Glass Studios’ award- winning Bricks, Boards, and Sticks Collection of handcrafted kiln-cast textured glass, made its debut at the NeoCon tradeshow held last month in Chicago. Stones adds a new dimension to the collection of multidimensional cast-glass textures inspired by abstractions of organic building materials. Like all Joel Berman kiln-cast glass textures, Stones can be custom designed into a variety of interior and exterior applications including partition and boardroom walls, office side light panels, balustrades, wall cladding, and doors. The new line is available in panels up to 52'' wide x 108'' high, in 1¼2'', 3¼4'', and 1'' thicknesses.

Joining Stones is the Piovera texture and the Imprint Collection. Piovera features a specially modified coating that bonds structurally to the glass surface resulting in a transparent finish that gives the appearance of rain on glass. The Imprint Collection, Joel Berman’s new standard glass collection, offers two new scalable kiln-cast organic textures: Stria, inspired by geological striations, and Nuv’eau, whose carvings resemble moving water. Joel Berman Glass Studios, Vancouver, Canada. [ Reader Service July 2006 # 215 ]



Glass with a sense of motion
Piccolo is Lamberts’ newest addition to its family of LINIT channel glasses, developed in response to architect’s demands for greater design choices in structural glass systems. The vertical fluting, reminiscent of columns found in Greco/Roman architecture, creates a gentle sense of motion and interesting degrees of obscurity. Piccolo is available in tempered or annealed form, as are all LINIT channel glass textures. Bendheim Wall Systems, Passaic, N.J. [ Reader Service July 2006 # 216 ]



Pretty, safe glass
Meltdown Glass Art & Design of Chandler, Arizona, has aligned itself with Safti First to provide fire-resistant kiln-cast art glass. The alliance opens doors for designers who want to enhance buildings such as hospitals and schools with art glass while staying within code. Safti First’s patented gel-filled endothermic glazing offers fire protection as well as sound reduction. Ratings are offered from 45 to 120 minutes and meet hose stream, pressure, and thermal shock requirements. Safti First, San Francisco. [ Reader Service July 2006 # 217 ]

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