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While the majority of carpets featured this month are for contract applications, we kick off with a residential product from a company familiar to the hospitality market. This year, expect to see several introductions made with Antron Brilliance, a new fiber innovation offering more vibrant color. Rita Catinella Orrell

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A residential wool broadloom with low environmental impact
A 25-year veteran of the hospitality and corporate carpet industries, Clayton Miller has entered the residential market with Nest Carpets, a new brand of textured wool broadloom. Constructed exclusively of Wools of New Zealand fibers, the carpets are produced on the high-end Infinity tufting machine, which has the ability to create more than 250 pile heights within 1 square inch.

Sixteen textured, multilevel loop broadloom patterns, including repeats of organic and geometric designs, are available in eight colors ranging from white to chocolate.

Nest is the first residential brand to offer Tricycle’s SIM digitally modeled carpet samples that use 95 percent less energy and water than required to create a real carpet sample. Each SIM comes as a realistic paper print that is 100 percent recyclable. SIM prints are not intended to replace the final sample but to reduce the number of traditional samples produced. In addition to employing virtual sampling, Nest Carpets’ wool is harvested from free-grazing sheep, is naturally biodegradable, and employs preparation and spinning methods that use 1¼6 to 1¼3 of the energy required to produce polypropylene and nylon fibers. Nest Carpets, Dalton, Ga. [ Reader Service June 2006 # 209 ]



Good companions
Realm and Radius are two of the latest offerings from J&J Commercial. Realm is a subtle wave that spans the width of the carpet and features a tailored pinstripe running perpendicular to the wave. Paired with Realm is Radius, a simple stripe that mimics the background of Realm and works as a companion. Constructed with Encore SD Ultima nylon, both products are standard as broadloom and offered in a Nexus modular option. J&J Invision, Dalton, Ga. [ Reader Service June 2006
# 210 ]



Healing pathways
Designed by Linda Porter Bishop, a senior interior designer and health-care specialist at Houston-based WHR Architects, the Moments Collection, from Lees’ NeoFloor brand, showcases a naturally inspired design, while its dense construction facilitates the easy movement of wheelchairs and gurneys. Offered in a 6' width, the collection comprises designs inspired by bamboo, roses, pine cones, and gingko leaves in five colorations. Lees Carpets, Kennesaw, Ga. [ Reader Service June 2006 # 211 ]

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