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Our review of products for outdoor spaces includes site furnishings made in a range of materials from concrete to fiberglass, as well as an unusual canopy and a lighter-weight retaining wall. For what’s new in landscaping, check out the ASLA’s Annual Meeting & Expo, held 10/6–10/9 in Minneapolis. Rita Catinella Orrell

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The Grass bench (top) features a marsh grass motif cut out of sheet-steel seats and backs (custom patterns can be specified for $100). Picket Fence, shown in jarrah wood (above).

The stainless-steel Ring bike rack can secure two bicycles.
Parc Vue litter receptacle with polyethylene urn-shaped liner (right); Leaves litter receptacle with falling-leaf-shaped cutouts (left).

High-tech meets low-tech in three new site-furniture collections
Designed by a triad of architects and designers, the Landmark Collection of outdoor furnishings was inspired by familiar themes in historic design, architecture, and nature. The Lakeside group, by architect Margaret McCurry, of Tigerman McCurry Architects, was influenced by farms, cottages, small towns, and lakeside communities. The group includes three benches (backed and backless) that share a formed steel frame and are reminiscent of the traditional front-porch swing. Picket Fence features a slatted seat and back expressed as staggered “pickets” and rendered in jarrah wood or polysite, a decking material. Grass and Leaves benches render motifs from nature onto perforated-metal seats and backs. All three styles have matching litter receptacles. The Parc Vue collection, by John Rizzi, includes a fresh take on the classic Parisian park bench; a matching litter basket can be used with a liner or a clear trash bag for security. Towne Square, designed by Brian Kane, marries the classic metal-strap motif with state-of-the-art plasma cutting. Kane also has a collection of Minimal bike racks. Landscape Forms, Kalamazoo, Mich. [ Reader Service May 2006 # 206 ]



Substantial site furniture
The Signature Line of concrete site furnishings from Wausau Tile includes four distinct design styles for a range of projects. The Modern, Classic, Pottery, and Prairie collections feature an acid-washed finish that gives the appearance of a cast-stone finish, as well as a weathered patina finish that intensifies with time. With its clean lines and simplicity of design, the Modern family includes planters, benches (one of several designs shown left), wastebaskets, and multipurpose bollard/benches (pedestal version, shown right). Wausau Tile, Wausau, Wis.
[ Reader Service May 2006 # 207 ]



Improved wall system
Belgard, a division of Oldcastle APG, has added several new products to its collection of pavers, steps, and walls. Celtik Wall (right) is a retaining wall that emulates the look of rough-hewn antique natural stone. The new wall is not only lighter in weight, but also more installation-friendly, with an improved Anchor Pin System for better positioning and stability. The product is ideal for retaining walls up to 8' in most residential settings. Oldcastle APG, Atlanta. [ Reader Service May 2006 # 208 ]

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