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Walls & Ceilings
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Our focus on walls & ceilings includes a range of product types, from a more healthful interior paint to lightweight ceiling panels that borrow technology from the aircraft industry. The surfaces that surround us continue to become more lightweight, sustainable, durable, and acoustically enhanced. Rita Catinella Orrell

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The POP pressed-plywood panel system can add dimension to a room as an alternative wall decor (top) or ceiling detail (bottom).

Finnish-made 3-D wood tiles available in U.S.
Brainwood, the Finnish manufacturer of POP Panels, has signed an exclusive North American distribution agreement with Hightower Group, an importer of Scandinavian products based in Washington state. POP surface panels are a three-dimensional, form-pressed plywood tile for modern interior decoration with wood. Panels are available in four standard surface options: light birch, warm cherry, walnut, and sound-absorbing cork.

Pop panels are manufactured in Finland according to strict environmental standards. They come in two standard sizes: a 153¼4''-square tile and a smaller, 77¼8'' panel. Special color lacquers and wood finishes are available on large-scale projects. Panel elements are mounted with concealed aluminum fittings that provide a neat edge; fittings are included in the panel price and shipped complete. To increase durability and facilitate cleaning, the product has been laminated with an invisible transparent matte film.

Reflecting the influence of Midcentury Modern and an adherence to Scandinavian design simplicity, POP panels can be used on walls, ceilings, room dividers, retail elements, reception desks, built-in seating units, and as components applied to custom furniture. Hightower Group also offers flat panels in both standard sizes and all four finish options that are compatible with the POP panel system. Hightower Group, Bellingham, Wash. [ Reader Service March 2006 # 208 ]



Green interior paint line offers a warm-toned color palette
Self-proclaimed “color nerds” Virginia Young and Janie Lowe created the Yolo Colorhouse brand of Green Seal–certified interior paints to address the industry’s need for environmentally responsible paints offering a wide range of color choices. Their initial collection of 40 warm-toned colors has been grouped into seven categories, from pastels to brights found in nature. Available in durable flat, satin, and semigloss finishes, the paint emits no VOCs and is mold- and mildew-resistant.

The Yolo Colorhouse palette includes a novel sampling system: giant, poster-size swatches coated with real paint, not ink. A low tack strip of tape on the back allows specifiers to move colors from wall to wall, saving discarded sample quarts of paint from entering the waste stream. Made in collaboration with Rodda Paint Company, the collection is available throughout the West Coast and can be shipped nationwide. Yolo Colorhouse, Portland, Ore. [ Reader Service March 2006 # 209 ]



Supress has the acoustical performance of up to eight layers of standard drywall.

Sound-control products for multifamily use
Supress Products has announced the nationwide availability of its Supress-branded sound-engineered drywall, steel, and wood products to address noise- and sound-control within commercial and residential structures.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of multifamily developers, builders, and contractors, Supress products deliver unprecedented sound- and noise-control in a nonmetallic, thin-panel construction that does not interfere with cellular reception or network operation. Noisy rooms in the home, such as home theaters, can be acoustically enhanced by adding a layer to the existing wall. In new construction, Supress panels attach directly to the wall studs or the floor joists. The panels are fire-rated (ASTM E 119) and available in standard 4' x 8' panels in 1¼2'', 5¼8'', 3¼4'', and 1'' thicknesses. Supress Products, San Rafael, Calif. [ Reader Service March 2006 # 210 ]




Old-world ceiling looks
Armstrong offers two new ceiling options for commercial projects. A second pattern has been added to the Ledges ceiling panels that feature a design reminiscent of old-world raised panel woodwork (top). The new panel is 24'' square, but unscored like the original, creating a larger scale on the ceiling plane. A new paint-finishing technique designed for use on Armstrong TinCraft Circles ceilings (bottom) produces a hand-crafted antiquated effect. The look is ideal for use in boutiques and other types of speciality retail and hospitality environments. Armstrong World Industries, Lancaster, Pa. [ Reader Service March 2006 # 211 ]


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