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Walls & Ceilings
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Our diverse roundup of the latest wall and ceiling products includes acoustical ceilings, a moisture-absorbing wall-cavity material, unusual wall coverings made of bark, mother-of-pearl, and glass beads, and a practical modular wall system that is easy to install and maintain. Rita Catinella Orrell

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3D metal panels (top) or wood panels (bottom) can be hung from a pre-engineered grid (on chair).

Modular wall panel system allows for easy maintenance
The Graph Interior Surface System, developed by Fry Reglet, serves as a platform for mounting modular wall panels in a range of surfaces and styles. Awarded a Silver Award for Best of NeoCon last June, the system uses a pre-engineered aluminum grid that can be anchored to new or existing concrete, drywall, block, or plaster, and faced with a variety of factory-fabricated surface panels. Standard Graph panels are offered in wood, metal, glass, and translucent resin, as well as 3D metal panels.

The system’s panel connection design allows for each panel to be individually accessible, making it simple to replace panels should they become worn, damaged, or outmoded. Point accessible panels also make it easy for the future addition or maintenance of electrical, data, or communication components located behind the wall covering.

Compared to custom millwork, the Graph system costs less and provides more freedom to choose a variety of materials in a range of textures and treatments. The platform grid and finished panels arrive at the job site ready to install, with minimal field fabrication.

In addition to Graph, Fry Reglet also produces architectural metal products for the roofing and interiors industries.

Fry Reglet, Alpharetta, Ga.   [ Reader Service September 2005 # 200 ]



Soundscape can be suspended as a “hill” (above) or “valley.”

Acoustical accent canopies for open spaces
Armstrong Ceilings has introduced SoundScapes acoustical accent canopies for open spaces. The sound-absorbing properties in the new canopies help reduce reverberation time in the space below them, making them ideal for open plenum areas as well as over spaces such as workstations and reception desks. The smooth-surfaced, curved canopies feature the Ultima DuraBrite membrane or scrim. The scrim provides a high light-reflectance value of .90, meaning it reflects 90 percent of the light that strikes it. The Durabrite surface also enhances the durability and scratch resistance of the canopies. The new high-recycled-content canopies are also seismically approved. Measuring 47'' x 76'', the canopies can be installed as “hills” or “valleys.” The canopies are suspended from the building’s structure, with no special tools or techniques required. Armstrong World Industries, Lancaster, Pa.
[ Reader Service September 2005 # 201 ]



The strips are covered with a vapor retarder.

Silica gel absorbs moisture in wall cavities
In a new application for an old material, Autumn River is using silica gel —the material commonly found in shoe boxes labeled “Do Not Eat”—to remove moisture from within building cavities, thereby eliminating the conditions required for mold growth.

The Desiccant Strip is a 6½' length of spun polyethylene material formed into pouches containing engineered silica gel. The strip has been designed to guarantee that upon installation, moisture levels within a building cavity are rapidly brought below the point where mold and other decay agents can function. Once the strip has absorbed moisture, it will not release the moisture back into the wall cavity until the relative humidity within the cavity has been reduced dramatically and stays down.

Independent testing has proved that the strip impacts the R-Value of wall cavities in a positive way. The product is commonly installed by the insulation contractor prior to applying the vapor retarder. Autumn River, Coon Rapids, Minn. [ Reader Service September 2005 # 202 ]



Handmade bark surfacing
Although Caba Company has been around for more than 30 years, this was the first time it exhibited at NeoCon or ICFF. Barkskin is an organic, hand-pounded bark material available in seven colors. It can be fireproofed and applied to walls, ceilings, and furniture to give a surface the appearance of parchment, marble, or stone. Sheet sizes come in 16'' x 24'', 24'' x 32'', and 48'' x 96''. Caba Company, Santa Fe, N.M. [ Reader Service September 2005 # 203 ]


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