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Metal Cladding & Treatments
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The following metal-clad products include elevator doors, roofs, column covers, and wall panels realized in bronze, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and zinc. Also featured are special treatments, including coatings that enhance color retention and durability or even create an antique look. óRita F. Catinella

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Feathers pattern shown in six separate panels (above). Engine Stripe pattern (below).


Predecorated/preformed stainless-steel elevator doors available in six patterns
Eco-Nor, a product from The Gage Corporation, offers six distinctive, predecorated and preformed elevator-door facings in 18-gauge stainless steel. The competitively priced doors are ideal for remodeling or budget-sensitive projects. The finishes of all designs complement existing or new #4 stainless-steel frames. A standard size for 42'' x 84'' clear center openings is available, and the facings are preformed with L or J breaks on request. No prior specification is necessary for prompt lead times, according to the manufacturer.

To order, specifiers need to choose a model number, quantity, and edge configuration. The six Eco-Nor patterns include EC 001, a Feathers pattern in a 1¼2'' #4 satin full frame with nondirectional borders; EC 002, an Engine Stripe pattern in a 1¼2'' satin full frame with nondirectional borders; EC 003, a combination 1¼2'' and 2'' Engine Stripe with nondirectional vertical borders; EC 005, an alternating 1¼8'' #4 satin and nondirectional stripes with nondirectional vertical borders; and EC 006, a Feathers pattern in three separate panels with 1¼2'' #4 satin frames and nondirectional borders. The Gage Corporation, Sparta, Wis.   [ Reader Service # 212 ]



The Weber Music Hall’s roof.

An unusual roof of Italian copper-clad tiles
Tegola Canadese copper-clad tiles from Treviso, Italy, distributed in the U.S. by Petersen Aluminum, are part of an unusual roof for the University of Minnesota Weber Music Hall in Duluth, Minnesota. The 22,000-square-foot facility accommodates an audience of 350 plus a 70-member orchestra and 75-member chorus.

Designed by Cesar Pelli & Associates of New Haven, the focal point of the facility is an angular dome covered with 12,000 square feet of the copper-clad tiles. According to Pelli’s design team, the acoustical requirements of the orchestra dictated the architectural shaping. Although the angular dome has a large number of facets with coping assemblies forming complex triangular sections, the tiles can be installed quickly and easily using traditional roofing tools.

The Tegola Canadese tiles feature a 99.7 percent pure copper foil coating and are constructed of eight layers of different materials, including impregnated fiberglass and natural bitumen. Over time, they will develop a protective green patina. Petersen Aluminum, Elk Grove Village, Ill. [ Reader Service # 213 ]



Metal wall panel profiles offer more design choice
Until recently, preformed metal wall panels offered designers a choice of only corrugated or ribbed profiles. The Concept Series is a new collection of concealed-fastener exterior metal wall panel profiles from Centria that gives specifiers more design flexibility. The panels feature a complementary asymmetrical geometry and identical side joinery permitting integration of multiple profiles within a single elevation for horizontal and vertical application. Available in 12'' and 16'' widths, the panels come in G-90 galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and Centria’s Durallure finish system. Profile options consist of narrow ribs, medium-width ribs, and wide flat surfaces that can be used to create a single repetitive appearance or to generate a pattern or feature on a wall elevation.

Concept Series panels can be installed as part of a field-assembled wall system with liner panels or as the exterior component of an insulated wall design with a vapor-permeable air and water backup system. Centria, Moon Township, Pa. [ Reader Service # 214 ]



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