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While most of the door and window offerings reviewed this month are for the residential market, there are a few notable commercial offerings, including an aluminum door and window system now available in the U.S. Building code issues, energy efficiency, and low maintenance remain hot topics. óRita F. Catinella

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  InHOME’s switchable glass technology and use of interior windows allow for optimal light and privacy control.

Concept home showcases the potential of windows beyond the traditional expectations
Andersen Windows’ 6,000-square-foot, four bedroom concept project—the Andersen “inHOME”—serves as a test lab for new window technologies and a showcase for windows that perform beyond the traditional expectations of providing light, vision, and ventilation. Designed by architect Michael Plautz, AIA, principal of Minneapolis-based RSP Architects, the home is anchored on a rocky ridge overlooking the mountain slopes of Park City, Utah, site of the annual Sundance Film Festival.

The project team took a window-centric approach, integrating window systems into the entire design rather than treating them as mere openings in outside walls. Technology-driven window ideas integrated into the home include “switchable” electrochromic glass in various window locations and other prototypical concepts from Andersen.

Utilizing a wide range of window sizes and shapes, the interior elevation of each wall was carefully considered as a floor plan. Each of these “wall plans” studied not only the windows’ proportion, arrangement, and view, but how they influenced each room. Interior windows extend light and views to rooms that are not located on an outside wall—for example, several of the bedrooms share views and light with more public spaces while still maintaining privacy. Windows on two or three sides of virtually every room offer the spaces a more even light level.

Serving as an organizing element, a 4' thick stone wall runs from south to north, topped by a row of 15 clerestory windows that bring in morning sun and ventilation while dissolving the line between the roof and wall outside. The extensive use of indigenous rock and timber and a roofline that echoes the rise and fall of the mountains help the home blend into the dramatic surrounding landscape. Andersen Windows, Bayport, Minn.   [ Reader Service # 200 ]


  Marvin customized more than 315 windows for the home, including 162 operating and stationary double-hung chain-and-pulley units.

A team effort results in hundreds of custom windows for a country home
When Cincinnati-based RWA Architects was hired to design an estate-size country home in the farmland of southwest Ohio, they needed a partner to help customize 315 windows, including 242 old-style, chain-and-pulley windows that met the firm’s criteria. Based on a long-term relationship with Marvin Windows and Doors, the team provided the company with developed drawings and details and asked them to turn around a prototype of an old-style, chain-and-pulley double-hung window that incorporated mahogany species, custom simulated divided lite (SDL) bars with unique curves, and energy efficiency. After two prototypes, the teams were satisfied with a historic-looking design that achieved a high design pressure rating. Marvin’s largest residential order to date, the project required the company to create 160 CAD drawings that detailed all the parts, pieces, and processes necessary to manufacture the windows, including elevations, cross-sectional details, and glass sizes. All of the windows are made entirely of solid mahogany with custom-casing exteriors, custom-crown molding, and details such as pocket tenons. The project, still under construction, is expected to be complete next year. Marvin Windows and Doors, Warroad, Minn. [ Reader Service # 201 ]



Heavy-duty sliding-door options
Weather Shield’s new sliding patio door and French sliding door feature a standard design pressure rating of DP-35, with a DP-50 upgrade available that complies with some of the strictest building code requirements in the country. The doors feature a 13¼4'' thick jamb, approximately 25 percent heavier jamb components, an improved slider system, and a new door-channel design that guides the moving panel. Weather Shield, Medford, Wis. [ Reader Service # 202 ]


Horseless carriage–house doors
Inspired by the doors that graced the carriage houses of fine homes past, the Classica collection of garage doors are manufactured in pinch-resistant, precision-shaped steel with carriage-house design embossments. An optional factory-installed polystyrene insulation provides an extra thermal barrier against inclement weather and reduces noise. Each door comes with heavy-duty hardware galvanized to protect against rust. Amarr Garage Doors, Winston-Salem, N.C. [ Reader Service # 203 ]


Will last for decades
AuraLast wood protects wood windows and patio doors against wood decay, water absorption, and termite infestation. AuraLast’s water-based-treatment process is not compromised by nail or screw holes, and results in a significant decrease (96 percent) of VOCs during production. Jeld-Wen offers a 20-year warranty against decay and/or infestation for Pozzi Custom Collection products with AuraLast. Jeld-Wen, Klamath Falls, Ore. [ Reader Service # 205 ]



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