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Roofing & Cladding

Our focus on roofing and exterior cladding features a range of materials and product types?from a powered roof system to better engineered glass panels for the world?s tallest building. For more roofing product info, visit the NRCA?s 117th Annual Convention & Exhibit, held this month in San Diego. ?Rita F. Catinella

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Turn-of-the-century mansion renovated for its latest incarnation

  Perimeter?s Colonial gutter and cornice system is designed to complement high-quality residential homes.
The Mansion at Turner Hill, in Ipswitch, Massachusetts, was completed in 1903 by architect William Rantoul for the Rice family, who made a fortune in tanning and smelting. The mansion boasts plaster hand-molded ceilings, vivid wall friezes, oak hardwood floors, and hand-carved paneling, doors, and stairways. Shortly after Mr. Rice died in 1943, the estate was sold to the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette, and the property was converted for ministry and spiritual retreat uses. In 1997, the Raymond Property Company purchased Turner Hill from the order and have since been working to restore the property as a golf course and high-end residential community. The $110 million project, by architect John Olson of Olson, Lewis, Dioli and Doktor Architects of Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, will reuse the 311-acre Turner Hill estate and its Edwardian-era mansion. The new portion of the mansion, along with the clubhouse, restaurant, and pro shop, will use Perimeter Systems? 6'' Colonial Designer Series Gutter and Cornice System with 3'' x 4'' downspouts and custom angled miters as part of the exterior cladding renovation. Perimeter custom-matched the gutter system to Navajo White. The mansion is expected to open in spring 2004. Perimeter Systems, Sanford, N.C.    [ Reader Service # 219 ]

Ventilated terra-cotta facade system for a range of exterior cladding effects

  The system works with solid wall surfaces or open glass constructions to create a range of optical effects.

NBK Keramik GmbH first developed its modern terra-cotta facade system for Renzo Piano?s Potsdamer Platz project in Berlin. Known as Terrart, NBK?s suspended facade system is made from large-scale terra-cotta elements that are ventilated at the rear. By combining classic techniques along with the latest technologies, the system can work with closed surfaces, open glass constructions, and to create transparent optical effects. Terrart is available in several variations, including Terrart-Large, Terrart-Mid, Terrart-Shingle, and Terrart-Solid. For each individual project, the specifier chooses dimensions, color, surface structures, and glazes along with the manufacturer; NBK?s production plant can manufacture any form up to 150 centimeters in length. The Terrart-Flex system is a patented substructure consisting of 15 components that can integrate the facade into any classic or modern wall construction. NBK Keramik, Emmerich, Germany.    [ Reader Service # 213 ]

Improved natural metal cladding

Reynold Natural metals are an alternative for design professionals who want to design with natural metals but are dissuaded by the weight, inflexibility, and cost of heavy plate and sheet metal. Constructed of two sheets of corrosion-resistant zinc, brushed aluminum, copper, or stainless steel permanently bound to a thermoplastic core, the materials are strong, highly formable, and come in a variety of lengths. Alcoa Cladding Systems, Eastman, Ga. www.    [ Reader Service # 214 ]

Powered roof system

Sarnafil and Solar Integrated Technologies (S.I.T.) completed the first of two integrated photovoltaic commercial roofing systems for two Frito Lay distribution facilities, located in Los Angeles and Sylmar, California. The SR-2001 photovoltaic roofing system, manufactured by S.I.T., incorporated Sarnafil?s thermoplastic roofing membrane and flexible photovoltaic cells manufactured by Uni-Solar, into an integrated roofing system that turns the roof into a power generator. Sarnafil, Canton, Mass. www.    [ Reader Service # 215 ]

Keeping leaks out

Grace Ice & Water Shield is a self-adhered waterproof membrane placed between the shingles and roof deck to provide protection against leaks. Another option from Grace is Vycor Plus, a self-adhered flashing membrane providing premium protection against water infiltration in all critical nonroof detail areas, such as door openings. Grace Construction Products, Cambridge, Mass.    [ Reader Service # 220]


Tough glass panels for a tall customer

Viracon was selected over three years ago to supply the engineered glass products needed for the exterior facade of Taipei 101, the world’s tallest building. Viracon faced the challenge of fabricating glass units to withstand the high wind conditions of a very tall building in a typhoon region. The team needed to fabricate glass panes proportioned to the structure’s height, making them larger and thicker than standard glass applications. Viracon, Owatonna, Minn.    [ Reader Service # 217 ]

Two tough metal roofing systems

StoneCrest Slate brand metal shingles (left) have a Class 4 hail rating that can withstand 110-mile-per-hour winds and a four-way, locking weather-tight system for residential or light commercial projects. The StoneCrest Copper roofing system (right) is made from a 16 oz. copper substrate using a stucco embossed profile. Unlike traditional copper roofing, the system does not require special installation tools. MetalWorks, Moon Township, Pa.    [ Reader Service # 218 ]

Renovating without moving, to allow building movement

Portsmouth City Hall, Portsmouth, Virginia, was in need of renovation to repair or replace its deteriorating brick facade but had to remain operational during the process. A complete refacing of the facade was required because the existing brick, installed in the 1970s, was not designed to allow for movement of the building?s primary structural framing. Architects Rodriquez Ripley Maddux Motley first completed design studies and then construction plans that specified two Centria products, Formawall Dimension Series metal panels and Formavue windows. The products were chosen for their ability to accommodate any movement of the building in the future. Centria, Moon Township, Pa.   [ Reader Service # 219 ]
Exterior trim boards
Windsor Mill?s WindsorONE Trim Boards are available for exterior applications including rake, fascia, corner boards, and bond boards. The boards are double primed and have smooth, knot-free surfaces on all four sides, and precision edges. Windsor Mill, Windsor Mill, Calif.    [ Reader Service # 216 ]