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Heating & Heat Control

This month?s focus is on products that either provide a source of heat or control excess heat. Heat sources as varied as fireplaces and radiant-heated glass can work in harmony with the latest sunshades or reflective coatings to create energy- efficient, well-designed, and comfortable interior environments. ?Rita F. Catinella

Flaming steel sculpture heats up the lobby of a hotel in the wine country
  The sculpture serves as a conversation piece and a source of light and heat.
The San Francisco design firm Sand Studios was commissioned by David Baker and Partners Architects to design and fabricate a fireplace that would complement the contemporary, yet organic feel of the Hotel Healdsburg, located in the wine country of Northern California. Inspired by the flaming twigs of campfires, the hotel lobby?s fireplace sculpture is precisely machined and fabricated from steel tubing and finished in heat-resistant paint. Similar pieces are now custom fabricated by Sand Studios to fit unique site conditions and work with both natural gas and propane. The Sand Studios staff, including Larissa Sand and Oblio Jenkins, have designed and fabricated several different gas fireplace inserts, whole fireplaces, and fireplace surrounds in the past, and currently have plans for different versions of the sculpture based on the same construction. Although the piece is not UL-listed, the firm would consider such a process if a large enough order was needed. The fire sculpture is just one of a growing list of products the firm has designed and fabricated, including lighting, furnishings, and custom pieces, such as a reception desk and chandelier. Sand Studios, San Francisco.    [ Reader Service # 211 ]
University facade keeps school cool
Grand Valley State University?s new Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, features a 90' tall, energy-efficient unitized curtain wall and interlocking sunshade system from Wausau. The high-performance glass and airfoil-shaped sunshades serve to significantly reduce heat gain in the building while allowing students and staff to feel connected to the downtown community. Wausau Window and Wall Systems, Wausau, Wis.    [ Reader Service # 212 ]
Radiant heat window system now available in the U.S.
  IQ Glas helps keep indoor pools, sunrooms, and other challenging spaces warm year-round.
Now available in North America for both residential and commercial projects, IQ Glas is a heated-glass window system that has been available in Europe for more than 17 years. IQ Glas features a double-pane structure that allows radiant heat to warm sunrooms, conservatories, indoor swimming pools, and other rooms that are difficult to heat efficiently with traditional convection heating. The inner pane has a thin metal-oxide coating that helps disperse heat equally, while the outer pane has a special coating that keeps heat inside while repelling cold air. Between the two panes, an inert gas enables the system to achieve high levels of thermal insulation (.14 U-Value), even though the temperature of the windowpane never exceeds body temperature. IQ Glas manufacturer Glass Consult claims the main advantage of the product over traditional heating methods is the ability to keep dust circulation to a minimum, ideal for anyone suffering from asthma or allergies. In addition, IQ Glas can be combined with any type of antitheft device or alarm, can be applied with built-in blinds between the panes, and conceals all cables and wires in the window frames. For indoor swimming pool applications, IQ Glas stays condensation-free even with a relative humidity of 70 percent and extremely low temperatures outside. Glass Consult, Raleigh, N.C.    [ Reader Service # 213 ]
Sun and moisture protection
Constructed of premium-grade teak, eastern hard rock maple, or vertical grain fir, all Giati market umbrellas are custom handcrafted. The wooden, non-teak components receive six coats of hand-applied, marine-grade varnish that protects against moisture and the drying effects of ultraviolet rays. The Next Century Market umbrella (shown) is one of two new designs from Giati constructed to withstand damage from wind, water, and sun. Giati Designs, Santa Barbara, Calif. www.    [ Reader Service # 214 ]
Solar-powered attic ventilator
CertainTeed?s Solar Powered Roof Vent is an energy-efficient alternative to traditional residential power attic ventilators. The vent utilizes a Siemens solar panel to collect and deliver power directly from the sun to a 24-volt DC motor inside the power vent. Because the tempered solar-glass panel is separate from the low-profile, galvanized-steel dome, it can be positioned anywhere on the roof for optimal energy collection. CertainTeed, Valley Forge, Pa.    [ Reader Service # 215 ]
Reflective roof coating
Excessive heat absorption by roofing materials requires more energy to keep interior spaces cool and comfortable. Custom-Bilt Metals? Ultra-Cool coatings increase the reflectivity of a standing-seam roof to 38.3 percent, compared to identical colors with conventional coatings that achieve only a 25.2 percent level. Each additional percentage point of reflectivity reduces metal temperature by 1 degree, allowing for a significant difference, especially in medium to darker colors. Custom-Bilt Metals, El Monte, Calif.    [ Reader Service # 216 ]
Smarter and slimmer heating
Mitsubishi Electric has added three residential heat-pump models to its Mr. Slim split ductless air-conditioning and heating systems product line. The discreet indoor unit (below) is mounted high on the wall, freeing up window space and blending into the interior. In response to indoor and outdoor temperature changes, the unit?s inverter-compressor technology modulates to deliver the exact amount of cooling or heating required by each zone. Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Lawrenceville, Ga.    [ Reader Service # 217 ]
A cleaner gas fireplace design
The Infinity fireplace?s clean face design allows finishing materials to be brought right up to the fireplace opening, eliminating louvers and grilles traditionally found on gas fireplaces, and emulating the look of a wood-burning unit. The Infinity utilizes a Draft Assist program that allows venting up to 90'?five times longer than most gas fireplaces?and enables installation in difficult settings. Heat-N-Glo, Lakeville, Minn.    [ Reader Service # 218 ]
Advanced ventilation

Panasonic?s WhisperLite Advanced Ventilation Fans are super quiet, energy efficient, fan/light combinations designed for longer run times or continuous operation for better indoor air quality. WhisperLite Ventilation Fans utilize two Panasonic Quick Start (flicker-free) 13-watt compact fluorescent lamps for warm color-corrected lighting. The fan is easy to install, Energy Star‘Ūpproved, and HVI (Home Ventilating Institute) certified. Panasonic/Enterprise Sales Group, Secaucus, N.J.    [ Reader Service # 219 ]