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Philip Johnson: An American Idol - May 2005
Can any public figure expect a totally positive obituary today? Philip Johnson, FAIA, who died on January 25, 2005, at 98, probably would have said, "Of course not."

Matteo Pericoli - December 2004
Drawings pay homage to the city he adopted

S.J. Rozan - November 2004
From job meetings came crime-novel characters

Chase Rynd
- October 2004
At the helm at the National Building Museum

Robert Young
- September 2004
Robert Young helps rebuild tribal lands, one house at a time

Frances Daley Fergusson
- August 2004
Creating a campus that inspires

Tord Boontje
- July 2004
A modern craftsman with a human touch

Christopher Janney
- June 2004
Sound and space interface in his unique world

Donna Robertson
- May 2004
IIT’s architecture dean as client

The Campanas
- April 2004
Designing objects with tropical influences and universal appeal

Yan Huang
- March 2004
Beijing’s Olympic planner

Sam Farber
- February 2004
recipe for business success relies on design sensitivity

David Neuman
- January 2004

Planning utopias where campus is king

Mara Haseltine
- December 2003
A sculptor who looks inside to find her muse

Tom Dixon
- November 2003
turning raw materials into design gold

Celia Conover
- October 2003
enlivens architecture with some healthy color

Alfredo Häberli
- September 2003
Merging Swiss precision with a Latin design flair

Jeff Speck
- August 2003
A New Urbanist finds a new purpose at the NEA

Gwendolyn Wright
- July 2003
brings everyday architecture to the public

Nathaniel Kahn's
- June 2003
new film revisits his famous father

Erik Larson
- May 2003
adds madness and magic to architectural history

Lee Bey
- March 2003
From architecture critic to Chicago’s City Hall

Matt Petersen - February 2003
California greenin’

Elizabeth Gill Lui and Keya Keita
- January 2003
discover the language of architecture

Marcel Wanders
- December 2002
Donít label him as just another Dutch designer

Ayala Sefarty - November 2002
A designer by nature

Elizabeth Barlow Rogers - October 2002
Caretaker of the landscape

Konstantin Grcic
- September 2002
Transforming design with everyday objects

Patricia Gay
- August 2002
Working hard for preservation in the Big Easy

Frank “Chip” Briscoe
- July 2002
Texan, preservationist, activist

Maxine Griffith - June 2002
Fixing what ails Philadelphia

Marion O. Sandler
- May 2002
Banking on design

Garrett Finney
- April 2002
Brings space habitability down to earth

Andrew Altman
- March 2002
Planning for our nation’s capital

Rosanne Haggerty - February 2002
An uncommon groundskeeper

Topher Delaney - January 2002
Healing the world, one garden at a time