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The Vanguard of Design
Interviews with Young Architects
By Kevin Lerner

In the December 2001 issue of RECORD, and on, a bevy of budding architects showed off their best designs, but in the overflow of brilliant design, they hardly got a chance to speak for themselves. As a partial remedy for this situation, RECORD caught up with three of the firms and asked them a few questions about themselves. The results can be found in the grid below, as audio clips of those interviews. See the work of these three firms as well as an additional six in our projects section.

Note: to listen to the interviews you will need Windows Media Player or Quicktime which can be downloaded for free.

Click the media icons to hear answers.  
"As young architects, how does your work differ from that of more established practices?"  
"How does your background shape what you're doing in architecture?"  
"What is your work process, and how does technology fit in?"  
"Where do you see yourself and your practice in five years?"