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Index of Past Editorials
April   Here’s Your Chance
March   Move Over, Zaha
February   City of Trees
January   AIA and the Power of 10
December   The Case for Design Excellence
November   Sky High
October   Building Community
September   What We Have Learned
August   Five Distinct Dramas
July   The Essence of Education
June   What Might Have Been
May   Pasadena Hillside
April   Lightning Strike
March   Keep the Pressure On
February   A League of Our Own?
January   Reconstructing Kuwait?
December   Green and Proud of It
November   What Architects Can Do
October   Elegy for a Dream Queen
September   The View from Two Penn
August   Three Little Letters
July   Plus Ça Change
June   Super-size Me?
May   It’s in the Air
April   And in 100 Years?
March   Too Good to Lose
February   Tsunami
January   Who Won?
December   Thoroughly Modern
November   Homecomings
October   A Man Called Fay
September   New Kind of Hero
August   Beach Reading
July   That’s My Opinion
June   Neo-Memorial
May   Beyond Style
April   Great Fortune
March   Huang Yin Dao Zhong Guo!
February   Starlight
January   Hurry Up and Wait
December   Building Wisdom
November   A Musical Culmination
October   Camp Paradise
September   Facts and crystal balls
August   An Open Letter to David Childs and Daniel Libeskind
July   Otherworldly, yet familiar
June   A ballroom, a prize!
May   A private army
April   A new case
March   Whadda ya think?
February   One Out of Nine?
January   The Value of Gold
December   Another Pair of Eyes
November   Down They Come
October   A Public Advocate
September   One Year Later
August   Outside the Lines
July   A Singular Voice
June   Is Idealism Dead?
May   The Case for a Competition
April   The Security Paradox
March   Street Smarts
February   A Man Like An Oak
January   Prize Research

Join Robert Ivy as he jots down notes on his travels and the state of architecture today in the Editor's Journal.

If you wish to write to our editor-in-chief you can email him rivy@mcgraw-hill.com.