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Ground Zero - Five Years Later
  Image courtesy SPI, dbox
Today, New Yorkers awoke to déjà vu. This crisp September morning, with fiercely white sunshine piercing a cloudless sky, was almost exactly like the day that greeted New Yorkers on September 11, 2001. While the similarity is uncanny, the platitudes are correct that the world is forever changed.

Words fail to fully communicate the experience of the terrorist attacks, and their transformative effect on society, politics, and the economy. Can the architecture that will replace and memorialize the Twin Towers fill the gaps?

We are getting closer to an answer. Despite the many conflicts about which commentators had forewarned us early on, Ground Zero's rebirth inches toward reality. In the few weeks leading up to this fifth anniversary, news of progress has appeared with increasing frequency. Power switched hands, designs were revealed, steel was shipped. Ground Zero promises to be home to works by the generation's most famous architects. That fact alone guarantees neither universal praise nor timelessness. But its completion will open a new chapter in which the public demands innovation and excellence throughout the built landscape, not just in rebuilding what's lost.

10/16/06 Exhibition Explores Phenomenon of Grassroots 9/11 Memorials
09/11/06 Freedom Tower Gets Start in a Luxembourg Plant
09/08/06 Three More WTC Towers Unveiled
09/06/06 Exhibition Celebrates Twin Towers
08/31/06 Interviews Drive Ongoing WTC Evacuation Study
08/30/06 Memorial Architects Say Work is Moving Quickly
08/28/06 U.S. Federal Building Architect Carol Ross Barney Comments on WTC Rebuilding Process
08/22/06 Port Authority Assumes Control of WTC Memorial
08/10/06 Dispatch from Ground Zero
07/27/06 Structural Transition at Ground Zero
06/29/06 Childs Unveils Final Design for Freedom Tower
06/21/06 WTC Memorial Design Likely To Be Revised
05/22/06 Silverstein Says Insurance Payments at Ground Zero Could Be Threatened
05/17/06 Major Step at Ground Zero: 7 World Trade Center Opening
05/05/06 WTC Memorial Cost Estimated Close to $1 Billion
05/04/06 WTC Design Guidelines May Finally Move Forward
05/03/06 Rogers, Maki added to Ground Zero Team
04/26/06  Silverstein Accepts Deal on Ground Zero
03/22/06  Ground Zero Development Stalled by Lease Issues
03/03/06  As Construction Nears, Protest Grows Over World Trade Center Memorial
02/07/06  Ground Zero Update: Snøhetta Building Shrinks, 7 WTC Gets Tenants
09/29/05  International Freedom Center Out at Ground Zero
09/12/05  Strategy for Seven World Trade Center Exceeds Expectations
08/16/05  Architect's Lawsuit over Freedom Tower Moves Forward
08/16/05  Freedom Center, Drawing Center in Jeopardy at Ground Zero
08/12/05  Goldman Sachs to Build Headquarters at Ground Zero After All
07/28/05  Calatrava Unveils New Safety Features for World Trade Center Transit Hub
07/20/05  Contest Seeks World Trade Center Designs Based on Twin Towers
06/29/05  Redesigned Freedom Tower Will Be Sleeker, Safer
06/28/05  Peter Walker Accepts Second Ground Zero Commission
06/24/05  Responses Begin to Federal World Trade Center Report Recommendations
05/24/05  Design for Snøhetta's World Trade Center Cultural Center Unveiled
12/20/04  Updated Schematics Unveiled For World Trade Center Memorial
12/08/04  Silverstein Wins Latest World Trade Center Insurance Payment Case
12/01/04  Board of Directors Named for World Trade Center Memorial Foundation
11/11/04  Architect Sues David Childs and SOM Over Freedom Tower Design
11/05/04  A Look Back: 7 World Trade Center Tops Out
10/22/04  Interim Results of World Trade Center Investigation "Exonerates" Twin Towers' Design in Sept. 11, 2001 Collapse
07/14/04  Libeskind Sues Silverstein over Payments at Ground Zero
05/05/04  Court Decision Leaves Developer Less Insurance Money At Ground Zero
04/08/04  Advisory Committee Named to Oversee Development of World Trade Center Memorial Center
04/01/04  Daniel Libeskind Discussses The State of his World Trade Center Master Plan
03/10/04  Team Designing and Promoting New Design For World Trade Center
03/02/04  An Interview With WTC Memorial Designer Michael Arad
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The Progression of Rebuilding

Official Stage II Proposals released December 18th, 2002.

Official Stage I Proposals by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.

A New WTC: Design Proposals at the Max Protetch Gallery in NYC.

Unofficial Design Proposals:
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