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There are many reasons why the coastal regions of Louisiana and Mississippi should not be rebuilt: areas such as New Orleans are below sea level, Mississippi’s coast is often a target for hurricanes. But of course, to not rebuild is to abandon the rich heritage of some of the country’s oldest cities and towns. Here, members of the architectural community debate how to proceed in the wake of the region’s unprecedented destruction.


Architects and planners weigh in on rebuilding New Orleans Many questions remain unanswered, not least being how reconstruction can help turn around the city’s economic fortunes, and how important architecture can be saved. Here’s what several designers have to say. Read on.


Rebuilding the Mississippi Gulf: Architects Respond
A report to be published three weeks after the charrette will comprise a major portion of the commission's report to the governor, which is due by the end of the year. While local groups pondered reconstruction strategies, here's what several designers had to say. Read on.

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