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A warped, parklike topography blankets the levee (2,4), topped by slab buildings (1), with chimneys and openings for ventilation and views (3,5).

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  Eight Inc. | Anderson Anderson Architecture | Justin Laskin and Kathleen Mark | Duong Bui, Erkin Özay, Pars Kibarer | workshop/apd

New York City
Andrew Kotchen, Matthew Berman with Stephan Thimme, Andrew Hart, Zachary Helmers, Matthew Miller, Steven Thrasher

Title: Mod Set: From Transience to Permanence

Concept: A topographic roof structure warps up from Chartres Street to make a continuous storefront and access to the parking, retail, and institutional space it covers. Planted, it becomes a public park to serve the neighborhood and a landscaped setting for four double-loaded slab structures containing apartments. The landscape spans the railroad right-of-way and the levee, folding down to augment a planned riverside promenade.

The angle of the residential buildings minimizes heat gain. Workshop/apd plans prefabricated, modular construction to economically build units that step in and out around a central circulation “chimney” that aids natural ventilation and offers sun-dappled views to the river from inside rooms.

Louvered panels shade windows or swing out to catch breezes. Heavy slabs suspended from the ceiling use radiant cooling, drawing off condensation for use as “gray water” irrigation.

“This is a very aggressive take on the river,” commented Naslund. “but it did certain things better.” Carrying the landscape over the flood wall “reconnects the river with the city,” said Dumez. “You feel that the housing units are embedded in the communal spaces, even when they are elevated.” J.S.R.

“This project makes room for these units to breathe.” —Wilson

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