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Taller buildings on the river side open to light and views on three sides.

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  Eight Inc. | Anderson Anderson Architecture | Justin Laskin and Kathleen Mark | Duong Bui, Erkin Özay, Pars Kibarer | workshop/apd

Justin Laskin and
Kathleen Mark

University of Virginia, Charlottesville
Justin Laskin and Kathleen Mark with Maurice Cox, studio instructor

Title: neighborhood_river_place

Concept: In low-rise blocks facing Chartres Street, residential units share street frontage with “corner store” retail spaces. Two broad open stairs and a ramp interrupt the street frontage and lead up to a planted public courtyard terrace over the parking area. It’s enlivened by a market, restaurant, and outdoor cafe.

Four mid-rise residential blocks face the river. Passages from the courtyard open to a public space lining the river that ramps up to a terrace overlook.

Each tower is slotted to expose every unit to light and air on more than one side. A roof-mounted photovoltaic array offers shading, while louvered panels protect the river-facing interiors from sun while letting in breezes.

“Some winners raised more questions and pushed innovation harder,” said Naslund, “but this one has a clear diagram, a sensitive placement on site, and intriguing use of cross ventilation.” Added Gooden, “Lots of things about this are familiar, but it had a much stronger resolution than others that went in the same direction.“ Wilson described the design as “very livable.” J.S.R.

“It offers a pretty good way to get to the river.” —Naslund

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