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Modules are added as space is needed. Louvered panels screen glass.

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  Michelle Jellison | Amin Gilani and Josh Spoerl | Zui Lig Ng | Mark Stankey and John Kucharski | Kiduck Kim and Christian Stayner

Michelle Jellison
Montana State University, Bozeman
John Brittingham, instructor

Concept: In her modular scheme, Michelle Jellison updates aspects of two traditional New Orleans types. It has the linear, single-loaded layout of the shotgun, but it includes a much more generous inner courtyard than is usually found in the type. She has also placed a second floor on the front, rather than at the rear, which is conventional for “camelback” types. This allows her to provide a high-ceilinged living/dining area, and exposes an upper-level loft to a wall of daylight from the street.

The modular nature of the construction offers many possible variations on the layout, however. Its height off the ground can be adjusted according to flood risk. Also, it can start small and accept additions as a family and its resources grows.

Glass walls on the street and the corridor side of the house provide ample natural light. Wood louvered panels mounted outside the glass can be adjusted to calibrate levels of shade, ventilation, and privacy.

According to juror Brian MacKay-Lyons, “This project came closest to solving the problem. The modular elements elegantly express how it is built. It resonates with traditional types.” Trey Trahan admired the inventive but simple layering of the walls to both let in ample light and filter it. J.S.R.

“Modest and appropriately scaled.” —MacKay-Lyons

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