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Double-height spaces front and back (4) are expressed in the dramatically hooded front porch (1).

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  Michelle Jellison | Amin Gilani and Josh Spoerl | Zui Lig Ng | Mark Stankey and John Kucharski | Kiduck Kim and Christian Stayner

Amin Gilani and Josh Spoerl
University of Texas, Arlington
Heath MacDonald and Bijan Youssefzadeh, Instructors

Title: The Porch House

Concept: Metal frames at modular intervals support a panel system that extends beyond the building volume at the street-facing side to shade porches at the main level and the top level. At the rear, the panels become glass, protected by louvers, to offer light with privacy to sleeping areas.

With a straight run of circulation on the south, the plan resembles a shotgun house type. It is much more richly developed spatially, however. On the ground floor, living, dining, and kitchen areas open to an outdoor space covered by an extension of the second floor. That floor sets back to make a double-height space over the living room and to permit an internal bedroom to receive daylight from the street. The third floor sets back at the rear to create a high master bedroom.

In choosing winners, the jury found itself focusing on the degree to which designs enlivened the street. Mackay-Lyons was concerned that “this entry could be regarded as a custom solution rather than a prototypical one, but I fell in love with the formal skill. Execution does matter.” Trahan appreciated “the front porch that uses different levels and an urban facade that is open, yet partly enclosed; punched, yet filtered. It would be interesting to investigate how this one and [Jellison] work in daytime versus nighttime.” J.S.R.

“This is activating, lively, rich.” —Trahan

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