Hurricane Sandy: After the Storm
Architectural Record reports on the relief effort and recovery after Hurricane Sandy inundated the Northeast.
Rebuild by Design Redesigns Sandy-Battered Shore

Rebuild by Design Redesigns Sandy-Battered Shore
A Rebuild by Design team, led by BIG, proposes a "bridging berm" at New York City's East River Park.

Image courtesy Rebuild by Design

Hurricane Sandy: One Year Later

Hurricane Sandy: One Year Later
While victims struggle to rebuild, architects plan for the next Big One.

Photo courtesy Sage and Coombe Architects

Sandy Rebuilding

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan Announces Competition for Sandy Rebuilding
The U.S. government is calling on the expertise of regional designers for disaster prevention solutions.

Photo via Wikipedia

Seven Months After Hurricane Sandy, Two Road Maps for the Future

Seven Months After Hurricane Sandy, Two Road Maps for the Future
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg released plans to help protect the region from the effects of climate change.

Photo via Flickr user buzzthrill

Design for Troubled Waters

The Post-Sandy Grid: Unequal Yet Superior?
A two-tier power system could deliver electricity more dependably to everyone.

Illustration Andrew DeGraff

Design for Troubled Waters

Answers for an Age of Extremes
Guy Nordenson writes about calls for a hazards-reduction program for floods following Hurricane Sandy.

Image courtesy Architecture Research Office / Guy Nordenson

Design for Troubled Waters

Design for Troubled Waters
Cities need to grapple with complex ideas to prepare for the next superstorm.

Photo Allison Joyce/Getty Images

Bracing for Change

Bracing for Change
The lessons of Sandy provide clues for how to adapt existing buildings.

Photo Victor Blue

Cathleen McGuigan

The Naked City: The storm and its aftermath.

Photo Michel Arnaud

Map: After Hurrican Sandy

Learning the Hard Way
Michael Sorkin asks: What are some of the lessons that Sandy teaches us about the way we build?


Hurricane Sandy's Impact

It Happened Here: Hurricane Sandy's Impact
When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, New Yorkers watched in horror as residents climbed onto rooftops, stranded, or fled to shelters that provided precious little shelter. For all kinds of reasons New Yorkers believed that "it could never happen here." But for a few days this fall, it very nearly did.

Photo Iwan Baan

Surge Barriers Work

Storm Surge Barriers Work
Exposed towns, cities and even nations, such as The Netherlands, have slowly and quietly been building up storm surge defenses to protect themselves for decades, averting millions of dollars in damages as a result.

Photo courtesy Wikipedia

Addressing the Role of Design

Addressing the Role of Design After the Storm
A panel convened Thursday night by the New York Chapter of the AIA tackled difficult planning questions raised in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Photo courtesy Center for Architecture

Hurricane Recovery: How to Help

Hurricane Recovery: How to Help
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many in the design community have stepped up to help those struggling to recover and rebuild. If you're looking for a way to support the relief effort, this list includes several organizations helping communities affected by the storm.

Photo via Flickr user buzzthrill

Architects Respond to a Call for Post-Sandy Aid

Architects Respond to a Call for Post-Sandy Aid
Volunteers will work around legal roadblocks to help assess storm-ravaged neighborhoods.

Photo Ian Reid

Water Lessons

Water Lessons
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Dutch experts assert that New York needs hybrid solutions for our changing natural surroundings.


Rising Currents Exhibition

Revisiting MoMA's Prescient "Rising Currents" Exhibition
The exhibition Rising Currents: Projects for New York's Waterfront, which ran at the Museum of Modern Art in New York two years ago, provided a look into the future‹and this past week, that future arrived, in the form of the catastrophic storm surge from Hurricane Sandy. We asked several of the MoMA show's participants what the Federal government and New York City should do next.

Image courtesy Hatje Cantz/The Museum of Modern Art

Hurricane Sandy's Havoc on New York City

Hurricane Sandy's Havoc on New York City Architecture
Projects by Frank Gehry and Jean Nouvel, as well as ongoing work at the World Trade Center site, were inundated by the storm surge that accompanied Hurricane Sandy.

Photo via Twitter

Crane Collapse

Early Hurricane Sandy Winds Partially Collapse Crane at NYC "Billionaire's Haven"
As Hurricane Sandy approached Manhattan, her winds knocked over a crane atop One57, the rising $1.5 billion residential tower designed by Christian de Portzamparc opposite Carnegie Hall, and left it dangling dangerously 1,000 feet over West 57th Street until it could be secured after the storm.

Photo by Cathleen McGuigan

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