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The Prolonged Recession
The Prolonged Recession

Will We Ever Get Out of this Hole?
For architects, the Great Recession hasn’t really let up since its official start in December 2007. We investigate what’s in store for architects in the near future and beyond.

Recovery? What Recovery?
While the country’s economic future is looking a bit brighter, architects are still enduring the pains of a prolonged recession.

Searching for Signs of Recovery

Searching for Signs of Recovery
While some areas of the economy are experiencing an upswing, architects likely won’t see a boost until next year.

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Recession Stories

Where Are They Now?
One year ago, Architectural Record profiled design professionals we had met at AIA New York’s Center for Architecture during a “Not Business As Usual” forum — one in a series of events geared toward helping architects during the recession. We recently followed up with our interviewees to see how they have fared in the past year.

Read the original profiles >>

Photo courtesy Angelina Pinto

Marketing in Tough Times
Putting Yourself Out There

Putting Yourself Out There
Three recent projects attract clients by offering design services in unconventional locations.

Recession Marketing Strategies
Three architects at established firms share how they land new projects when work is scarce.

Photo © Michael Hanson

Leadership, Mentoring, and Networking

Leadership, Mentoring, and Networking
In 2009, several unemployed designers banded together to form LMNOP, a professional development organization. It quickly took off. “It’s been insane,” says founder Jennifer Graham. “The first six months, we didn’t know how to keep up with ourselves.”

Photo © Danielle Austen/Architectural Record

Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

Riding Out Recessions
In part one of our interview with Eugene Kohn, he discusses how he and three partners launched Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates in the middle of a recession in 1976. He describes how the fledgling firm found work despite the bad economy and offers advice to younger architects navigating the current recession.

In part two, Kohn discusses the contemporary economic crisis and its impact on his firm—from projects falling through, to layoffs, to where the firm is finding work despite the recession. In the final minute of the interview, he predicts that the long-term effect of the recession on design will be the death of the “icon.”

KPF in the late 1970s / Photo courtesy Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

The Architect’s Survival Guide

How architects can survive the economic crisis—from revamping your resume to getting government contracts.

View the full Survival Guide >>


Photo © David Albanese/Architectural Record

The U.S. Federal Economic Stimulus Package
Recession & Recovery Archive

From Our Archive
Read earlier coverage of the recession’s impact on the design profession.

Photo © Danielle Austen/Architectural Record

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