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Architect Simon Ungers Dies

Photograph © Edward Hueber

Architect and artist Simon Ungers died on March 6 in Cologne, Germany, after a long illness. He was 48. Ungers was born in Cologne in 1957, but moved to Ithaca, New York, in 1969 when his father, O. M. Ungers, became the dean of Cornell University's School of Architecture. Ungers attended high school in Ithaca and later received his architecture degree from Cornell in 1980.

Ungers is perhaps best known for his unrealized proposal for the Berlin Holocaust Memorial, and his Cor-ten steel "T-House" (Record, pp. 90-95, April 1994), which he designed with Thomas Kinslow in Wilton, New York. Representations of the T-House were later exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art's "UnPrivate House" show in 1999. He was also recognized for his idealized architectural models, spaces, and gallery installations. Ungers taught at several schools including Syracuse, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Harvard.

Since 2000, Ungers mostly worked in Cologne where he focused on his large minimalist artwork installations, which were usually referred to as "site constructions."

Tony Illia