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After Criticism, New Scheme Unveiled for Flight 93 Memorial

Largely in response to public criticism of the original design of the Flight 93 National Memorial, a new plan was unveiled on November 30th. The memorial is dedicated to the passengers and crew of the United Airlines Flight that crashed in Shanksville, Penn., on September 11, 2001 and designed by Los Angeles-based Paul Murdoch Architects.

The first scheme, unveiled in September, was known as the Crescent of Embrace, a reference to a curving, crescent-shaped landform that reinforces the natural topography surrounding the crash site. It drew criticism from some politicians and religious groups for references to the crescent, a symbol also associated with Islamic religion and nationalism.

In the revised design, the ends of the crescent-shaped landform were extended along the western edge of the site to form a circle, and renamed 40 Memorial Groves, placing emphasis on its forty commemorative groves, one for each person who perished aboard Flight 93.

Now, most critics have retracted their opposition. The planning process will conclude in Spring 2006 when the National Park Service will release its final General Management Plan for the site.

Jennifer Lucchino