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Reed Kroloff Appointed to New Orleans’ Rebuilding Commission

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has appointed Reed Kroloff, dean at Tulane University's School of Architecture, to the Bring New Orleans Back Commission. As conceived, the commission will resolve conflicting visions of reconstruction and will, therefore, play a key role in deciding such basic questions as how best to spend federal relief dollars, restart a crippled economy, and rebuild neighborhoods. Among the 17 commissioners, there are a few religious and cultural figures—including musician Winton Marsalis—but most commissioners represent business interests.

Kroloff is co-chairing the urban design subcommittee, with local architect Ray Manning, AIA, under commissioner Joseph Canizaro, a local real estate mogul who has developed more than $1 billion in projects. Kroloff says his subcommittee is “still getting up and running.” He adds, “Because we want to make sure we’re being very careful about how we go about this, our first step is to secure advice from nationally renowned professionals.”

Andrea Oppenheimer Dean