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Scottish Parliament Awarded RIBA Stirling Prize

The Scottish Parliament building, designed by the late Enric Miralles, was awarded the 10th RIBA Stirling Prize on October 15th. Miralles' widow, Benedetta Tagliabue, represented their Barcelona-based architectural firm EMBT and accepted the award from Jack Pringle, the new President of the Royal Institute of British Architects at an award ceremony at the Royal Museum, Edinburgh.

The judges praised Miralles' "extraordinary design vision," and his interpretation of the role of the Parliament. Pringle called many of the building's interior spaces "gems," particularly the Assembly Hall. He said the Parliament's complex design, inspired by upturned boats on the beach, successfully "makes an organic transition between the city and the drama of the Scottish countryside." The building, which cost $757 million and was completed in 2004 by joint-venture architects EMBT and RMJM, also outlived its client, Donald Dewar, Scotland's First Secretary, who, like Miralles, died in 2000.

Tagliabue quoted her late husband's approach to architecture at the European Forum for Architectural Policies, an event held on October 14th in Glasgow: "Try to leave the place a little better than you find it…and relate architecture to people and to the users as much as possible." The Scottish Parliament truly fulfills Miralles' own criteria.

Lucy Bullivant