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Gehry's Work Coming to Baby-blue Boxes

A diamond is forever, so the saying goes, but what length of time does titanium convey? Architect Frank Gehry's iconic use of metal may soon be wrapping wrists and adorning ears as smoothly as facades when his jewelry line for Tiffany & Co. launches at select stores in the U.S. and Japan in April 2006.

The project began five years ago when Frank Gehry expressed interest in creating his shapes and forms on a smaller, more personal scale after seeing the watch Tiffany's introduced to honor his Disney Concert Hall design. Tiffany's contacted Gehry two years ago to discuss a full line, and those talks resulted in the six collections currently planned.

The unreleased, "in the works" designs will be a collaboration between Gehry's imagination and a team of Tiffany's designers. The deal for the exclusive line is only the fourth of its kind in Tiffany's history, and it has been 25 years since the last was signed.

Sarah Cox